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Something I believe in

If you feel as strongly as I do then please follow Andy Burnham and many others and sign this petition.


  • labour in power for years, burnham part of that government and no mention of Orgreave...funny that

  • Though old Ma Thatcher's use of the old bill against her own people still rankles with me...Orgreave was not a tragedy in the Hillsborough mould...just two ideologues in Arthur and Maggie getting other people to bang heads on their behalf. There are many things that need investigating...I don't think that is one of them. Just an opinion...

  • Oh I don't know Wendover. If the police were directed to attack and seriously injure peaceful protesters for political aims, as has been suggested, then I think that is worthy of investigation. If however they were merely reacting to violence from the miners side, it is perhaps less serious. Excellent article from David Conn summarises the case

  • Thatcher used the police as a private militia against it's own people. If and when the proposed Thatcher museum is ever built, lets hope the people respond in an equally hostile fashion to that Grantham Monster.

  • Thanks for trying to debate this. It is as @StrongestTeam states, its deeper than just a sob story about the end of mining in this country, in its self a travesty on those communities. It goes to the core of the government of the day.

    Why does Orgreave matter?

    Orgreave represents one of the most serious miscarriages of justice in this country’s history, and it has never been adequately addressed. It is important that the truth is established and that the police are brought to account.

    Many of the miners have been left with ongoing physical and psychological problems. Many lost their jobs and their marriages and were left with a sense of grievance at their unjust treatment that haunts them even today

    Orgreave led to a massive breakdown of trust in the police in the former mining communities (and indeed more widely) and this continues today among the children and grandchildren of the miners.

    Orgreave marked a turning point in the policing of public protest. It sent a message to the police that they could employ violence and lies with impunity. It was only a year after Orgreave that the so-called “Battle of the Beanfield” took place, with violent and unprovoked attacks by the police on New Age travellers, followed by large-scale wrongful arrests. And more recently there have been examples of police “kettling” demonstrators in London for several hours – a kind of pre-emptive imprisonment. With the Government’s Trade Union Bill aiming to further restrict picketing, the right to protest in public is in serious danger.

    Have a quick look at this clip.

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    I would agree that an inquiry is justified to establish the truth. You have rather jumped to the conclusion that Orgreave represents one of the "most serious miscarriages of justice.......", with respect you don't know that yet - its what the enquiry should find out.

    Those of us who live in the South were to an extent immune at the time and certainly are now to the very raw subject the miners strike and its conduct still is today in those communities. I was lucky to share a beer or two with (Red) Ken Bonsall, the lead singer of the band Ferocious Dog who educated me with great passion one evening.

    Much of their music is influenced by the events of that time. Well worth a listen IMHO (tap ferocious dog from without tour video into google)

  • @DevC With respect you don't actually know what I know. I may have been a flying picket and saw these things at first hand for all you know! That is my opinion and I will always stick by it. My inlaws families put up striking miners and collected thousands of pounds for families. I know all the stories, it's been something that I have cared about for many years. Also as you know we have discussed this very subject on the old forum with passion. I have seen Ferocious dog a few times now and that is one thing we do agree on!

  • I don't know what you know, obviously. But I do know you cannot possibly know the whole story. It sounds like you have pre-judged the outcome of any enquiry. Now in truth I suspect much of what you have pre-judged would turn out to be the truth but neither I nor you know that for a fact.

    I suspect you are intermingling two issues , 1) was the decision to close down most of the mining industry justified (probably yes iMHO) - but that shouldn't be part of any inquiry 2) were police actions at Orgreave acceptable (probably not but lets let the inquiry find out)

    Next fercocious gig at end of the month along with my first exposure to the Levellers live. Two Ferocious gigs in a weekend in 2017 - not totally sure I still have the stamina!

  • The Levellers are great live.

  • Hope so. Strong advice to all then, They are touring with Ferocious Dog and an outstanding "solo accoustic man" Gaz Brookfield somewhere near you any day now. I recommend going along.

  • I love the sounds of The Levellers. What a good pairing with Ferocious Dog!

  • I once answered the door to a bunch of crusties attempting to get into a party at an ex-girldfirend's flat. I closed the door again when they turned out to be The Levellers.

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