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Least likely top scorers?

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As in, ones that have been top scorers for us - at least after, say, 10 games or so.

Other than the new Crown Prince Bloomfield, I'll give you Andy Sandell. Any more?


  • OG's topped the list a few seasons ago i seem to remember.

  • Just had a quick trawl through COTN and it throws up some surprising results.

    After 10 games in 02/03 Craig Faulconbridge was top scorer with 4. Not that extraordinary perhaps as he arrived at the club as a (supposedly) hot shot striker, but given that he only went on to only manage a further 2 goals all season it is perhaps a little surprising.

    After 10 games in 03/04 we had six players as joint top scorer with 2 goals each. Jermaine McSporran and Darren Currie you might have expected, but perhaps not Charlie Mapes, Richard Harris, Simon Patterson and Andy Bell.

    in 08/09, Mike Williamson was top scorer after 10 with 3 and as @PBo says, Andy Sandell was top scorer with 4 in 10 in 10/11.

    In 11/12 James Tunnicliffe was top scorer for 1 game, but even more depressing than that, as @robin says - our top scorer after TWELVE games in 12/13 was OG with 2!

  • The Faulcon! Did he not end up with something like 8 goals in 3 seasons, after all that time on the physio bench?

  • That's right, 3 seasons, 69 appearances, 8 goals.

    And people slagged off Matt Harrold!

  • He was not exactly first choice though was he. Seem to recall us trying to sign Chris Greenacre, Brett Ormerod, Jamie Forrester and Leon McKenzie before we signed him

  • @Jonny_King Jesus Christ, we were promoted that season and a defender was top scorer after 10 games with 3 goals?! Peter Taylor Madness

  • @prufrock_91 We only scored 54 that season. Considering we finished 3rd, only eight teams scored fewer than us (all of them bottom half teams except 11th placed Morecambe). Barnet scored more than us and finished 17th. Matt Harrold was top scorer with 12, then Akinde with 7 from his 11 games - Thank God we signed him!

    The football that season was spectacularly dull, capped off with possibly the most underwhelming final day promotion ever. I took a Plymouth-supporting friend to the final game against Notts County and ended up apologising for subjecting him to such a damp squib.

  • God that Notts County game was bizarre. It was almost embarrassing celebrating at the end

  • @eric_plant I didn't know that. I vaguely remember it being quite a long drawn out process, with Sanchez trying to get him for a good year before finally snagging him.

  • At one stage I remember us trying to shoehorn the Falcon, Devine and Rammell into one starting line up!

  • @bookertease said:
    God that Notts County game was bizarre. It was almost embarrassing celebrating at the end

    I think the only worse way I could think of to gain promotion would be to finish one off the final auto spot and then gain promotion by default if someone above you got docked points (e.g. for going into admin).

    Still, it cuts both ways, wasn't it a home game v Tranmere where no one actually figured out we were definitely relegated till a while after the final whistle, by which time someone had actually bothered to work out the maths? Far less painful.

  • "We've got Craig Faulconbridge"

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