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Another Bury Crisis

edited October 2016 in Football

It seems to me that its yet another owner that has promised miracles, but ultimately is only interest in cashing in on the clubs ground to fund another soulless dome. Now 8 Million in debt but still spending money on over inflated wages and ridiculous training facilities at Man City. Gigg Lane even after modernisation is still one of the better grounds to visit. It would be a sad day when another historic ground from 1885 is lost to history and memories.


  • Thanks, interesting article.

    Bizarre timing as I've finally organised to tick off Gigg Lane on 26th November.

  • If Bury lost £3m in their promotion season, how is it that they didn't breach the Financial Fair Play Rules? I suspect even Ainsworth could get us promoted with another £3m on the playing budget!

  • Strike a light. That doesn't make for easy reading, especially if you are a Bury fan. If true, dark skies loom over the suburbs of Manchester.

  • 'king hell. Another shocking example of football and the real world of business being in two totally different orbits.
    I run a small profitable business and struggle to even get a tiny overdraft. Maybe I need to rename my company with the initial FC afterwards to get the cash flooding my way.

  • Sadly M3G this has been on the cards for a few years now, taking on a loan at 138 percent APR ?? its only going to end badly I fear...

  • Hardly gives a level playing field to clubs like ours either, working to live within or means. The financial fair play rules aren't fit for purpose.

  • Wrong, the Financial Fair Play rules are simply not enforced.

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