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David Bowie statue In Aylesbury

The Friars Kickstarter campaign to fund a bronze statue of David Bowie in Aylesbury Market Square, where he gave world previews of the Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust albums, has been launched today:

There is also a special Twitter account:

£100,000 is needed to be pledged by 6th December and reward levels start at £10. I hope they get the funding as Bowie has probably been my most important musical influence, it would be pretty amazing to have a high quality statue of him in Aylesbury.



  • That's an interesting link and a nice idea. Do you know what his original connection to Aylesbury was... just a liking for the venue?

  • @Weegie, from

    " the summer of 1971 he met American keyboard player Al Kooper at a party in London. Al had just played Friars and told him what a great gig it was. Bowie and his manager Tony Defries got in touch and a date was agreed at Friars for 25th September. Bowie put together a band from musicians he knew and almost apologetically and nervously came out on to the Friars stage at the Borough Assembly Hall in Aylesbury’s Market Square and played one of the most significant musical sets of the 20th Century.
    He had just recorded his album ‘Hunky Dory’ and gave it its world debut at Friars that night."

  • Already at £8k. Just added my contribution

  • edited October 2016

    Not a penny from me before they spend 500k on a statue of Marillion!

  • Or Fish at least!

  • So here I am once more...

  • Night shift?

  • The urge to quote Fish can afflict a man at any hour of the day @micra

  • I assume that is Michael Fish, the esteemed meteorologist, whose reassuring words failed to prevent the destruction of large swathes of woodland all those years ago. No? What? Script for a Jester's Tear? Silly me.

  • I slept through that even though i had an alcohol free night.

  • Waste of money, give your money to the homeless or another another needy cause like Wycombe Wanderers........

  • I give money to the homeless and Wycombe Wanderers. It's also possible for me to give money to this as well (although my inherent dislike of Aylesbury is the main problem). Good luck to them.

  • The world's first David Bowie statue was unveiled today in Market Square, Aylesbury. A couple of photos:

  • @arnos_grove said:
    Not a penny from me before they spend 500k on a statue of Marillion!

    I think a garden party would be enough

  • Not a bowie or Aylesbury fan but it is a positive thing for the area in a world of shite. Let's not crab too much. Good luck to them.

  • It's interesting that the local council gave so much support to this, even changing the town's road signs to Aylesbowie ("We could be Aylesbowie, just for one day"). Bowie was not a son of the town, just passing through but debuting two hugely influential albums there, Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. No doubt local businesses are looking forward to increased footfall, I'm sure many tourists will stop there first, on the way to Bicester Village.

  • Could we get the 'powers that be' to change our signs to 'High Wycombayo'? Not a chance!

  • Great idea your lordship.

  • I'm still angry we didn't rename Gerrards Cross in 2001.

  • Yeah, well it is Aylesbury.

  • True enough.

  • This Guardian article, which has photos of the graffiti, implies a connection with the apparent inactivity of the government’s anti-homelessness taskforce, chaired by local MP David Lidington:

    I would hope that any surplus money raised by the crowd funders would pay for the cleanup, not the taxpayers. They are presumably paying for its webcam long term, and for the maintenance of the mechanism which plays a song every hour. I had a feeling that something bad would happen to it quickly, at least it's vandalism with a purpose, and on an important subject, not the 'mindless' type. I've lived in the centre of Aylesbury and Wycombe, both have their fair share of reprobates, I wouldn't rank one over the other in that respect. No doubt someone can come up with the crime figures.

    As for the statue itself, I'm not that keen on a rather busy and confusing design, and prefer a single figure to concentrate on, like the statue of Ronnie Barker outside the Waterside Theatre a few hundred yards away, which I don't think has been vandalised since its unveiling in 2010.

  • @StrongestTeam Great stuff! Is there somewhere in Bucks called Hyltons Dive?

  • There’s a Hylton Drive in Cheadle Hulme.

  • Perhaps we could attempt to get the Hourglass renamed.

  • We could rename Hillbottom road Georges quarter mile

  • @Steve_Peart high profile to be sure but not sure I agree with 'vandalism for a purpose' council offices? Tory offices? Nah. Just lazy. Nothing says help the homeless like making your town look like a shithole. If it is the vandal' s home of course. I daresay many of the people who funded the statue also give generously to charities. Again Aylesbury ain't exactly a pretty sight at the best of times!

  • @Morris_Ital said:
    We could rename Hillbottom road Georges quarter mile

    Why, @Morris_Ital ?

  • Keep up @micra the boy Stokes

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