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Seems to me that the referees are boast against use this season. The foul on Paris a nailed on penalty. Even the commentator on player couldn't believe it wasn't given. This plus the Crawley and Carlisle ones plus the dodgy ref in the Mansfield game is worrying me.


  • The foul on Paris in the first half where he threw himself on the floor rather than cutting inside or putting a ball into the centre of the box?

    It was a pathetic dive and he should have been booked.

  • In the first half, Paris was weaving his way through the penalty box when his heel was clipped but he remained upright (in both senses of the word)!
    In the second half he was tussling on the goal line with a defender when he hit the deck. With my eyes and vantage point it was impossible to tell whether he had a claim but I don't recall much of an outcry from the terrace.

  • I thought the incident at the end of the first half when Paris didn't go down was a certain penalty. Trouble was the lino clearly was under instruction not to flag for fouls and the ref was in the centre circle.

    More generally I think all refs are useless but in their defence the gamesmanship and pressure players put them under doesn't give them any cause for complaint.

  • First one penalty...second one...naaah

  • Second one , right in front of me as I was in the Terrace on the first set of barriers. Def penalty, if the ref was stood where I was he would have given it.

  • Well, that settles it.

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