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Belated Happy 21st Birthday Danny Rowe

Just spotted that today is Danny Rowe's 21st birthday. At last he seems to be holding down a regular place which must be a relief for him and a just reward for his loyalty and patience.

PS Despite protestations recently from one or two on Facebook I can confirm that he is indeed 6' 2". That's official!


  • i think we'd all like to be measured by your tape measure Micra!

    (ooh matron)

  • Why the cynicism Malone?

  • Because he doesn't look anywhere near that height? Maybe it's misleading as he's more slight than our other taller beefed up players.

  • I got so frustrated over people disputing his height that I asked Danny himself. He confirmed that Wikipedia is correct.

  • I won't believe it until Dev confirms the measurement!

  • Hard to be sure of the measurement but what i am sure of is that the ownership model is ......

    To be fair never thought Alex Lynch looked 6ft 1.5 either. Perhaps a slighter frame creates an illusion. No obvious reason to lie, presume he is telling the truth.

  • @micra , no, you're getting your sources mixed up!

    Wikipedia is the one that says he's 5 ft 11,_born_1995)

  • Oh go on then Maloney. Which source was he confirming?! I can't really be arsed.

  • Against my better judgement I've had another look. The 1.88 m/ 6' 2" stat is under Player Profiles on the Official club website. The Wikipedia index shows the same height but the details in the full entry need updating. End of.

  • Just tickling you @micra. If the lad himself quotes something it'd be odd not to be correct. Like me and dare i say it Dev earlier suggested, as he's not as built as some of our units, maybe that's misleading.

  • I think my quest to quash comments on FB such as "no way is he 6'2""; "if he's 6'2", I'm 6'6" " stemmed from the first of Danny's visits to the Woodland Lounge towards the end of last season when I was surprised to see how tall he was.

  • It's a funny thing with height and perception

    I remember seeing Pierre and Bean outside the ground once, and Pierre, is simply a man mountain, but I felt shorter than Bean even though i'm pretty sure he's under 6ft and i'm not!

  • Maybe he looks taller because he's not as wide.

  • You must be on the short side Malone! I stood next door but one to Aaron Pierre on the rail at one of the preseason Friendlies and I'd say he is only an inch or two over 6' but maybe you're referring more to his muscular physique.

  • Sorry Malone. I really must read your posts more carefully. According to Wikipedia (which you have taught me to distrust - especially in the case of young players who are still growing!) Beano is 5'11" excluding dreadlocks perhaps. One of the pictures in Wikipedia shows him without them and you would probably have difficulty recognising him.

  • Of course, it could be that i'm not best placed to judge, first being an old bastad, and secondly being In the Woodlands a million miles away.

    I remember referring to Mawson being beaten by some striker to a header, and saying he wasn't tall, and apparently was 6ft 4.

    Whereas my perception is that Andy Rammel was a monster of a guy, 6ft 3 fare, but apparently a fair bit shorter.

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