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  • Seems to be quite a few comments from Wycombe fans in general in this report. I'm pretty sure that not all f them agree with the generalisations attributed to them.

    On this phantom goal in the first half I thought I saw a Barnet defender head the ball in uncontested. I didn't see a Wycombe player near the cross and assumed this why the ref blew his whistle. Do I need new glasses?

  • No, Righty: no need for bins. I think the defender nodded it past his own keeper.
    But this doesn't explain why the ref. blew, surely. The idiot appeared to try to play the "advantage" but didn't allow it to develop once Paris crossed the ball. Why? Only Mr Horwood, himself, will ever know. Another incompetent refereeing performance (although still not a patch on last week's display by Huxtable at Mansfield).

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    I assumed he had blown as the cross was nowhere near a Wycombe player and assumed we had no advantage. Not sure how he could have guessed the defender would ping it in the top corner but I think even he wished he had given it another second or two.
    Another strange refereeing decision to add to the list.

  • Righty is spot on. It was a dreadful cross, and that's why the ref blew

    How was he to know Barnet's dreadful defender would head it into his own net?

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    Yeah I was in the Valley Terrace, but I thought it was an o.g. Decent move from what I remember (one of very few), good cross from PCH, Akinfenwa and the Barnet defender contested it, with the defender presumably trying to put it behind for a corner, but sticking it in the corner of the goal in off the post. Not seen it again, but that's how it looked to me, couldn't believe the ref bought it back for what looked a very innocous looking foul.

  • Gavin Hoyte og (disallowed). See post and video from @weststand93 under Match Day Barnet thread for some amusing (and "colourful") insights into the match from a young Barnet fan.

  • It was ridiculous how much we missed Hayes today. He links the midfield and attack so well, and I'm more baffled that many fans seem to neglect just how important he is to us.

    Mistakes from Ainsworth cost us. Starting with no pace out wide, then delaying the substitution for far too long. I don't understand why you wouldn't make that change before the goals, we needed to score anyway, why wait until we need to score two to win? It's that reactiveness, rather that proactiveness which continues to hamper us.

    On the other hand, was pleased that we tried to play out from the back, Blackman really helps out with some top-level football intelligence.

  • Easy to forget, in the wake of a shambolic, shapeless second half, what a pleasure it was to see Jamal Blackman rolling/passing the ball out and, to be fair, a few short spells of passing on the deck. Also, his height and reach made catching the ball in threatening situations look a lot more straightforward than it actually was.

  • I think Ingram needs to learn how to command the area and distribute the ball like Jamal before he can reach the top level.

  • @mooneyman said:
    I think Ingram needs to learn how to command the area and distribute the ball like Jamal before he can reach the top level.

    I assume you are referring to Matt Ingram. Is your comment based on recent observation of him in action?

  • Ingram was one of the best keepers ever to play for us, but in my opinion his weakness was failing to command the area. Of course I have not observed him of late as he is not playing regularly for QPR.

  • Then it is unfair to say he needs to learn - we don't know.

  • @prufrock_91 Got to agree with you. I knew when he wasn't playing that it would be a dire game (although not quite as awful as it ended up) but the simple 'fact' is that without him we play like headless chickens for the whole game. Even when he isn't playing well he still makes such a difference

  • I'm not sure Hayes is the answer - he's too keen to drop back, most of his flick-ons are wasted. But at least when he's on the pitch there's another option other than hoof-it-to-Akinfenwa. Now O'Nien's ready to return I'd like to see him do more of the link-up play. Either in a 4-5-1 with PCH or Kashket ahead of him, or playing instead of Gape with Hayes told to stay further forward.

    I was encouraged by Blackman's distribution yesterday - it seems Ainsworth wanted us to play the ball out of the defence for a little while. That's an improvement. But the temptation will always be to revert to hoofing unless we play with smaller, more mobile players up front which makes that a completely pointless tactic.

  • Paul Hayes for player manager we have to move on and quick I believe his understanding of the players on the pitch would be most beneficial in the dressing room, we must get wycombe back in winning ways and earn the respect we used to have. Sorry to people who think otherwise but it has to be said!!.

  • @aloysius Look at the Crewe game highlights, I think that at least 4 goals were assisted by Hayes.

    Even if most of his flick ons are wasted, it's the fact that he is flicking it on. He is a class above most of our players most of the time he plays.

    We lacked someone dropping back yesterday, there was no connection between midfield and attack, which is why we were forced to continually pass backwards.

  • We really do need a tall, strong, mobile, injury-resistant forward. Paul Hayes is unlikely to stay fit for months at a time and, as we know, for all his strength and skill on the ball, Bayo Akinfenwa is not the most mobile and cannot realistically to play 90 minutes on a regular basis. Sadly, such players don't come cheap.

  • .... Bayo cannot reasonably be expected to play 90 minutes......

  • We need John Akinde back. He was an absolute nuisance the whole game.

  • But does he have the Twitter engagement figures?

  • @prufrock_91 Hayes had a brilliant match against Crewe, no doubt about it. But there haven't been many other games in the last couple of seasons where he's had a hand in more than one goal. I like him as a striker but he drops back too often in search of the ball, rather than letting midfielders get it to him when he's in a threatening position.

  • I think our team needs a striker who comes back for the ball rather than just stood next to a centre back. Movement back towards the ball creates space behind. Hayes is our only striker who does this.

  • It isn't just his play I think it's more of his attitude. When we do start to lose the plot like yesterday at least he tries to get everyone thinking positive. It's his leadership skills that are so important to us

  • There haven't been many games in the last couple of seasons where the whole team have scored more than one goal!

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