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Appointment of Gm?

If it happens, let's hope he/she has a passion for football and able to boost the clubs reputation . Questions, would a Gm be the person responsible for press statements, also total control of the club? Leaving the team management just responsible for the team! The cost off somebody with football knowledge would be so high I hope they don't go half-cock and employ somebody who was a manager totally alien of the sport


  • Boris Johnson?

  • Not really sure what you are asking for @brittanywanderer . I imagine the new GM with have overall responsibility for lots of areas of the business but few day to day actions in any. They would never communicate on footballing matters over the team manager

  • Absolutely @Right_in_the_Middle.
    An important factor (AH said at last week's meeting) is that Head of Commercial - Damien Irvine - has had to spend a good deal of time covering areas of general management and the appointment of a general manager will, inter alia, free him to concentrate on the all important commercial matters.

  • Communication on football matters is in Matt Cecil's domain as Head of Media.

  • Precise demarcation of responsibilities will depend on the requirements of the club and skillbase of existing management, but given that the role is full- time, likely that he/she will have overall responsibility for all aspects of the club excluding on the pitch, will be heavily involved day to day in a hands on role (there wouldn't be enough to do to just sit back and direct). While he will likely not be involved in footballing matters such as choosing the team, he will almost certainly interact closely with football manager on budgets, overnight stays, training facilities, contract renewals, transfers administration and a whole range of other matters.

    MD of any business is a crucial role. Obviously will not come cheap but you have to have somebody fulfilling these functions. If you can find someone to do it well on a voluntary basis (eg Chairman) or in conjunction with another role (eg Head of commercial) , that is ideal. If not, sadly it is a necessary cost.

  • Wouldn't it be great if the role became self financing by giving the other department heads to grow the profits they are in charge of to a level that pays for the general manager.
    I think this job title (rather than Managing Director) is an indicator for those applying it's not a top dollar job with a huge leather chair.

  • It's definitely not Mabaging Director! But I just hope he or she has a bit more presence than the last guy.

  • Managing- I have a cold.

  • Is DevC masterminding this appointment?

  • edited October 2016

    Mwah ha ha.

    Will be on to it as soon as I find my white cat

    Someday , my boy, all this will be mine.

  • As long as whoever we get has slightly better than Monkman's "tell us your ideas" scheme as his A game.

  • Get a Premiership Rugby club in to ground share, that should sort it. When do I start ?

  • He's gone very quiet despite this being on his usual backroom nod nod wink wink turf insider knowledge. It's not ritchie of london taking over is it?

  • I thought we were hard up ?

    I would be interested to know if the Trust Directors are all in agreement with this new appointment.....

  • It's not a new post as far as I know. Just a new appointment to it. There was a rather quiet, virtually anonymous gentleman in a grey suit last season. On more than one occasion I saw this person in one or other of the public rooms and, being of a nosey disposition, enquired who he was. General Manager, they said. But I never discovered anything about his role.

  • @micra rings a bell, maybe a bloke called John that no one was allowed to know about? 3 days a week?

  • @peterparrotface said:
    micra rings a bell, maybe a bloke called John that no one was allowed to know about? 3 days a week?

    Possibly! All a bit shadowy and furtive. There may be a bit more of a fanfare this time!

  • As a gentle postscript @peterparrotface, I've not rung any bells for a good many years.

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