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Story of Skinhead BBC4

Great and well balanced veiw for a change. Explored all the avenues even if some were brief. Fantastic to see some very familiar mates, friends sharing views. Credit to Don Letts and BBC4 for even attempting it without it sinking into a rant about right wing working class.


  • Looking forward to watching it on iplayer. @M3G did you watch Reggae Britannia on the same channel a few years ago? Don Letts and Pauline Black were on that too.

  • happy memories as an old rude boy and mod having punch ups with people some of who are now some of my dearest friends

  • I really enjoyed it too and can also recommend the Reggae Brittania one. The music output on BBC4 is very good.

  • Don Letts is a class act.

  • M3GM3G
    edited October 2016

    @Jonny_King Yes I have watched just about everything BBC4 have put out over the years on all music subjects. All the Brittania stuff was great. Last nights programme was particularity appealing to me because it was the youth cult i grew up being involved in. Even through the years when i was a bit more normal it was always with me. Some things never leave me like my Harrington! Some of it i would rather forget or maybe change if i could go back. Anyway back to last night and it was a perfect follow on from last weeks Tribal Gatherings episode of Peoples history of Pop with the wonderful Pauline Black of the Selecter.

  • Next Friday is Pink Floyd the early years up to 1972 now that's my kind of music.

  • Good grief !! I think i will avoid that.

  • Pink Floyd up to 1972 is fine. It's all the stuff they did after that should be avoided.

  • What? Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were here were classic albums,The Wall was just Waters self indulgence which brought about the end of Floyd, mind you The Final Cut was the last straw, they were better live after he buggered off imo and i saw them 4 times after he went.

  • Thing is with the Floyd, they were almost like four or five different eras, four or five different bands. Piper ATGOD was nothing like The Division Bell. I loved almost everything they did, just the final incarnation without Roger Waters was a bit bland. But there was definitely some great stuff after 1972.

  • The Division Bell was awful.

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