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  • Interesting how our home form has turned around. I wonder if our relative lack of pace (eased somewhat by PCH return and Harriman getting the opportunity to push higher up the pitch on Tues) has affected results away. We've really lacked mobility up front for a while and when you're away from home looking to find an out ball and play on the break that makes life quite difficult.

    Of course it is still early in the season and we have had some tough away fixtures so hard to make too many conclusions.

    An early goal tomorrow would be ideal as it should reinforce the confidence we must be carrying from Tuesday.

  • Haven't felt this optimistic for a game since about late April.

  • @bill_stickers Out of curiosity what on earth game were you optimistic for in late April? I don't think I've felt at all optimistic about a game since the clocks went forward (maybe a little for the first home game - which lasted about 10 minutes)

  • Looking at the fixture list, probably Wimbledon. Unbeaten in 5, hovering around the play-offs.

  • I am generally optimistic in a 'hope we build on our last performance' or 'it cannot be as poor as the last game' sort of way.

  • 12 goalscorers for Wycombe and 15 players on yellow cards. Both statistics probably unprecedented at this stage of the season. Looks like Sido will be starting a league game before long! (I expect he will start against the Hammers. And must be tempting to play Harrison and GA because the last thing we want is more injuries in a bit of a sideshow.)

  • 2-1 tomorrow sounds realistic (and would be wonderful) but I wouldn't bet against a draw.

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