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A nice touch by Watford FC

This week's Monday night game on Sky was Burnley v Watford - consequently Watford didn't have a game last Saturday.

A nice touch by Watford is that they actively publicised local Non-League games on the Saturday via their own social media. Building relationships with local clubs can only be better for the game as a whole - especially in the light of current revelations in the national press.


  • Watford also report on their local non-league teams in their programme, as do Portsmouth. I wish we had something like that in our programme, not that I am volunteering. Some of our local non-league clubs offer discounts to season ticket holders of their local league teams when there is an international weekend, such as Wealdstone, and I think Oxford City do something for United fans. I hope someone can contradict me but Wycombe have always seemed to me a bit stand-offish to our local clubs, when we should be encouraging a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with them. Franchise seem to reach out to their local sides, more than we do. Over the past few seasons I have really got into watching our local sides, the matches are usually far more entertaining than League Two, Tuesday excepted, parking is easy, prices are cheap, locals are friendly and it’s great standing pitchside and hearing what the players and referee are saying to each other! Sometimes you see a player and think, he could do a job for us, such as Oliver Hawkins at Hemel and Luke Coulson at Oxford City, both have now moved on and are doing very well at Dagenham and Eastleigh respectively.

  • Very valid point about potential mutual benefits, Steve. I've been meaning to pop over to Maidenhead for some time - if only to see for myself their goalscoring midfielder, Dave Tarpey. I've wondered for a couple of seasons whether Wycombe have run the rule over him. Obviously they will have seen him in the pre-season friendly and someone must surely have spoken to him at some point during the past couple of years. Of course, he may be happy to stay part-time.

    The idea of watching some non-league matches is certainly appealing but best not to "big them up" too much. We can't afford to lose any more fans!

  • @micra Tarpey isn't playing in midfield, he's playing as a striker.

    I've seen him four times this season and he's scored five goals! Big step up from Conference South to League Two though, and he is quite small.

  • Lionel Messi isn't exactly a giant at five feet seven!

  • Kashket similarly. But what a prospect.
    Tarpey always used to play wide midfield.

  • @Vital - we're chockablock with midfielders, anyway.

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