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Kashket's 30 seconds

Has any Wycomne player ever scored a quicker goal than Scott Kashket, 30 seconds into his debut? Has any player done so in professional football?


  • Wasn't his debut though, he came on at Carlisle. Unless you meant home debut.

  • Uh, OK. Sorry, I thought announcer said "debut"

  • How long had Dannie Bulman been on the pitch before he scored with his arse?

  • Just checked the ever excellent chairboys on the net website.

    According to that he came on in the 92nd minute and scored in the 93rd. With his arse. On his debut

  • Have we found a gem here? He looked lively pretty much the whole of the time he was on the field. Difficult to see him supplanting Paris but I think on last night's showing he's probably now ahead of Southwell as a partner for Hayes. Doomed to spend life as an impact sub, perhaps? It will be interesting to see him against a defence that hasn't already fallen apart.

  • His chant has some difficult notes to hit but fair play to the Valley End for giving it a go:

  • Speaking of which, I thought "Are you Wycombe in disguise" was an off-the-field high-point.

  • He looked very lively and took the first goal well. But Crewe were all over the place second half.

  • @ Wig and Pen. Really? I thought it was the only dismal note of a fantastic evening.

  • yeah, i thought it was a bit overkill on the gallows humour. if they'd served up grim-faced fare lacking any hint of creativity then maybe it would have been warranted, but they didn't, and nor did we.

  • Agree @Wig_and_Pen . A lot more pleasant and wittier than the preceding "f***ing 5h1t" chant aimed at the shell shocked Crewe fans.
    Scott Kaskett also hit a post I believe within minutes of coming on at Carlisle. Exciting prospect, pocket rocket.

  • Completely agree with @our_frank .

    That, along with the dismal "how shit must you be...." etc was cringeworthy, mean spirited and witless

    Pathetic scenes

  • Nothing cringeworthy or mean-spirited about the "disguise" chant. Nicely, self-deprecatingly ironic I thought. Original too.

  • "original"

    Ha ha ha ha ha etc

  • It seemed like a mighty big slap in the face to a team that deserved alot better support than that. I've never understood why the morons behind the goal prefer abuse to praise and why would you want to abuse the opposition when your own team is doing so well. To make reference to our own problems too was awful in my opinion.

    The two people laughing at that chant around me had both been launching in to our team for being awful before we got the second and third goals.

  • 100% agree Righty.

    It was embarrassing and was an uncalled swipe at a team who were finally playing as we all hoped they would.

    There was also some fool sat in the middle of the family stand who was constantly giving players a running commentary of their performance. It was hard to tell what was sarcastic and what was actually meant but it was really cringeworthy stuff.

  • He does that every week. It's shocking stuff

  • None of it was sarcastic, incidentally

  • @eric_plant said:

    Ha ha ha ha ha etc

    It's never been heard at Adams Park. That and the fact that it was a departure from the customary "are you [insert name of any other club] in disguise" makes it original. It isn't exactly Wildean but the point I was making was that it was preferable to the mean-spirited foul-mouthed chant that also emanated from the terrace. I despaired when I heard that.

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