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and the Twitter engagement figures went wild


  • Akinfenwa has been one of our better players, regardless of his celebrity status.

  • Are you being serious?

  • @eric_plant For what it's worth my view on Akinfenwa is that he's an upgrade on our reserve strikers of last year but if the assumption about high wages is correct it's currently too high a price to pay.

  • Yes. He's scored two goals (Stewart headed in a ball that had already crossed the line).

    He has a good first touch, and holds up the ball intelligently. He's immobile and slow, sure, but if we play the right kind of supply to him, and give him 45 mins at most, he is easily good enough to get goals and assists at this level.

    I feel Eric, that you already made your mind up on him before he arrived. I was very sceptical too, but I think he's done OK so far. Certainly better than a lot of other players in the squad so far this season.

  • Holds the ball up well and uses it intelligently. Agree with Bill, the poster poster poster.

  • He can barely move, plays for half an hour or so then isn't seen for ages

    Am I going mad? Feels like the Emporer's new clothes to me

  • And yes, he is the highest paid player at the football club

  • Says who Eric? Not what I'd heard.

  • Would he be on the same sort of doe as reid? if so I know who I'd iv signed...........

  • Whoever's the deerest?

  • Who would the most bam bi for your buck?

  • Some bambi, that Akinfenwa! Deer deer.

  • Barry Venison ??

  • Why are we fawning over these shit puns?

  • Sorry, with hind sight I shouldn't have posted it. But it's been a bit of a fallow period for fun, so why not.

  • Should a player be judged against the assumed size of the money we are paying him?

    I can see why we look at how are small budget is allocated but should it really matter on a player by player basis. For me Ainsworth was up against it squad wise this season as soon as he triggered Sam Woods extension and kept on Bean, Hayes and Bloomfield. Again on a player by player basis no real bad decisions but he needed more space in the budget to make any real difference.

    Can't think of a deer gag

  • Got to try harder righty. Just don't feel your hart's in it

  • "Are small budget" @Right_in_the_Middle You'll have the FB scouts watching you. Many of their players are in a very poor state lately. Their heads aren't in the right place at all.

  • Come on Right_in_the_Middle, cant' you think on the hoof.........Sorry.

  • Chuck Mooseadik?

  • Chuck Mooseadik-dik I think you mean

  • Dreadful thread, might as well just muntjac it all in

  • Chuck Mooseadik-dik
    John Mooseinho
    Franck Moosea

    A whole Chris Herd of them.

  • We should get Ray Parlour in. He would be a drop of golden sun

  • @LX1 said:
    We should get Ray Parlour in. He would be a drop of golden sun


  • @micra... you need to have been "lucky" enough to have watched the Sound of Music to get it.

  • I "got" it alright! Just found it a bit esoteric.

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