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  • It's becoming impossible to read anything on your site nowadays because of the advertising redirects. It's a shame because the articles are well written and informative.

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    Install an adblocker. I don't get any ads

  • @Gary Sorry about that, but the ads are controlled by Vital HQ.

    Try AdBlock, It works a treat for me.

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    Adblock actually sell ads. They're a scam. If you're on a Mac try 1Blocker and / or GlimmerBlocker. 1Blocker also works on iOS.

  • Stewart an arrogant so and so! I don't think so. And week in week out we see opposition defenders' arms "all over" our forwards. I have come to the conclusion that, unless the arms are clearly impeding the attacker, rather than just in a position to do so, the officials are going to ignore it. It's like all the shenanikins (?) at corners; it's so rife that, if deemed a foul, matches would sometimes have to be abandoned because one of the teams was down to eight men. Sounds odd but it's the only way I can rationalise it.

  • Aren't they cracking down on shoving at corners this year?

  • Allegedly!

  • @micra I think he was referring to the referee as the arrogant so and so !!!

  • No, I think he meant Stewart and I can understand what he means.

    I see Stewart play and to me he always looks incredibly calm and self-assured. I can understand why the opposition might misinterpret that as arrogance.

    Stewart has been our standout defender for me this season. Watching him going about his business like he's having a training session is one of the few joys I take from the games these days.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    micra I think he was referring to the referee as the arrogant so and so !!!

    Not wishing to cast aspersions on your powers of interpretation (or perhaps your spin/wind-up potential) but I'd say the Carlisle fan was unequivocally referring to Stewart. Only a casual acquaintance with him but the last person I would describe as arrogant.

    @Lloyd2084 seems to me to have hit the nail on the head. I'm delighted that things have worked out so well for such a polite, unassuming character. He had a rough time last season and I doubt whether his time at Crewe was one of the happiest periods in his life. Great if he could score against them on Tuesday.

  • Sort of agree @micra, but the whole messing us about trying to force a move to a better club, before being stuck at Crewe and having to crawl back here seems to amazingly not have been held against him in anyway.

    with some boo boys who ferociously barrack Harriman for a throwaway one liner, its quite the contrast

  • I suspect it was a case of a young and possibly naively gullible head being turned. I'm pretty sure Anthony has matured both as a person and a player. He is certainly a key player now.

  • I personally think that Anthony Stewart has been our best player this season, in the face of very little competition it has to be said

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