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Programmes and fanzines

Got a large collection of assorted Wycombe programmes and fanzines from 1993-2002. Free to a good home and will even deliver in Wycombe area. Let me know if interested.


  • Soon you won't be allowed to go to the football at all ;-)

  • I have virtually all programmes for the past few seasons taking up space and probably left for family to dispose of when the time comes (it's being so cheerful that keeps me going!)
    Seriously though, if anyone is interested, I too will deliver in Wycombe area free of charge.

  • Only last week I started to clear out my loft & I came across my 1966 World Cup Final programme. I knew that I had a programme which I bought the night England played their opening match which covered all teams involved but I have no recollection of purchasing the Final programme. I do however remember the whole day once I was in the stadium and afterwards. How lucky was I.

  • I can pick up, I'll probably pass on after a read.

  • @Keith_Allens_Wig said:
    I can pick up, I'll probably pass on after a read.

    I sincerely hope not @Keith_Allens_Wig !
    We need all the fans we can get.

  • Where's the @GasroomKomedyKlaxon when you need it?

  • has anyone a Cambridge utd away 7/2/15 they do not require as needed for my collection

  • I keep all my wwfc stuff in its own man shed

  • Actually, due to space issues I'd best not, hope they find a good home

  • Hi @Keith_Allens_Wig . Sorry, I've been AWOL since Friday. Wasn't sure whose collection you were referring to. Not my recent stuff, I assume.

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