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The First Battle is won for now. B team Threat subsides. But the fight continues.

Many thanks to these guys for taking the fight to the Football league.

Now we move on to the fight to save the National structure of our lower divisions.


  • It seems to me the FA just try these ridiculous ideas out to see how the wind is blowing (game 39). When there is uproar they shelve it (for the time being) whilst having something to justify their obscene wages. I blame @peterparrotface

  • There are so many more worthwhile changes that could be made to the lower leagues. The FA will cry now declare we are all backwards and resistant to change down here, but it's nonsense.

    What about:

    Proper background checks for potential club owners and restrictions on their ability to suck a club dry.

    Professional refereeing to avoid the shambolic performances seen week in week out by officials.

    Better fixture planning.

    A fairer under-24 tribunal system.

    Just some thoughts.

  • It's quite simple: get rid of the unnecessary jpt/EFL trophy and make EFL/league cup only for football league teams (ie no prem). Then fixture congestion will be removed.

  • I'd like to see both the EFL trophy and the league cup scrapped to be honest.

    The FA cup would be truly magic again.

  • I agree with @Midlander. Whilst I would be quite happy to see both the FLT and the League Cup scrapped, I think restricting the League Cup to just FL teams would be worth trying. Reduces fixture congestion across all four divisions, but still gives the FL teams a chance to play at Wembley. Give the European spot for winning the League Cup to the FA Cup winners to encourage PL teams to take it more seriously.

  • edited September 2016

    It's all about money. The more competitions they have, the more sponsorship deals they can sell. If the FA Cup were the only competition, less money would be made through sponsorship overall.

    That said, personally I'd go with the suggestion of @Midlander

    The FA Cup would regain it's magic as it would be the only domestic cup for the Premier League Teams and thus the only chance for lower league teams to pit their wits against them.

  • Thanks @sandsexile - I didn't know that. It's a no brainer then surely?

  • Many PL teams will never take the FA Cup seriously simply because there's not a fat pay cheque to the winners. It would have to be many millions of pounds tho to register against the obscene amounts they get for simply being in the PL from Sky and BT. (Having said that, I do recall, back in 2001, people saying they'd rather we'd not had our cup run as it dented our promotion hopes, so disregard for the FA Cup is nothing new and certainly doesn't just apply to the PL teams)

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