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  • Stevenage fans accusing us of diving and time wasting is a classic,theymust have such short memories. I hate what we do in games but we are not as bad as they were under Westley.

  • Copy and paste from every win we have had under Ainsworth.

    Rather amused that their manager said they had the better goalmouth action and no one can disagree with that. Apart from the stats which prove we had the better goalmouth action. Nice.

  • Their manager is incredibly deluded. They offered one of the smallest threats ever seen at Adams Park in recent years

  • They were shocking. Does annoy me when our time wasting tactics slow the game down when we are on top.

  • I didn't detect much time wasting yesterday. Certainly nothing more than you'll see in any game these days.

  • Wood taking about 3 minutes to walk from one corner flag to the other on more than one occasion. Could genuinely have been him just wanting a breather.

  • Wood's pretend run to take corners is quite something, although in fairness JJ does exactly the same

  • I absolutely HATE it when we timewaste. But the idea that any player would sprint to take a late set-piece when defending a 1-0 lead is pretty laughable. Unfortunately, fans of some teams are so determined to cast us as villains, they lose all sense of reality.

    Stevenage fans complaining about the way we play football is just weird.

  • The comment

    "I now know how it must've felt playing against a Westley side."

    showed a refreshing self-awareness, I felt.

  • We take just as long to take a corner when we are 1 nil up as when it is nil nil.

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