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500 club creative

Might just be me or does the 500 Club artwork look really smart? Very nice website as well, would be good to see the whole club site take this sort of design, would make a big difference for first time fans looking to come to a game


  • Unfortunately we, like most other FL clubs, have outsourced our entire design to some outfit in Preston that Steve Hayes was involved with. We have no creative control over anything.

  • As I understand it, FL clubs were railroaded into the contract a few years back. It stinks, because the end product is an abomination.

  • New website deal and format coming next season I understand.We don't have freedom to do our own thing - although we could for the 500 Club.

  • That's good news @AlanCecil - it's a bit of a shocker when the Evo-Stik league app is better than the football league one.

  • If you look through the websites of non league clubs, almost all of them are better than the rubbish FL clubs are forced to use. My local club has a really rather good site for use by both its fans:

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