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Worst calendar year

edited September 2016 in Football

@bookertease posed a question in the latest marathon thread about our worst ever calendar year (and how well we'd need to do before the end of the year to avoid 2016 being the worst).
The worst I can remember was 2003, when Sanchez had totally lost the plot and the crackpot Adams had conceded relegation not long after taking the reigns.


We need to score 12 points or more by new years eve to beat that miserable tally.

There may have been worse win percentages or points per game over a calendar year when we were playing in the professional Southern League as amateurs before WW1, though after a quick comb through our records up to 1960 I'm fairly confident 2003 is the worst calendar year in recent history.

Apologies in advance to any Devon-based contributors who might consider this post to be too negative.


  • That was in a higher league of course

  • Do you know how many goals we've scored in that time?

    Could look myself of course but if you have the information to hand

  • @ReadingMarginalista Thanks for providing. Forgotten quite how quickly it all went downhill after Liverpool. hopefully we can better that total this year, otherwise it's safe to say we will have a host of different places to visit the latter half of 2017

  • edited September 2016

    @eric_plant All good points. In my rush I neglected to get the goal stats together. They are...


    Played - 46
    For - 54
    Against - 71
    GD - -17
    Goals per game - 1.173


    Played - 30
    For - 19
    Against - 35
    GD - -16
    Goals per game - 0.633

    Another caveat is that these stats are for league games only, and were compiled using the league tables provided by the ever excellent Chairboys on the Net, which handily let you see the league table for the last or first x games.

    If any other saddo stattos out there are able to find a calendar year that is that bad (or to cheer things up, our most successful calendar year), send your answers please on a postcard.

  • 19 goals in 30 games - blimey

    Enough to make you wish you lived in Devon so you could berate everyone for being negative

  • Last couple of games have really knocked the goals against! But boy, no wonder we're depressed

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