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A message to our emerging 'firm'

I read with increasing sadness the tales of idiots and their behaviour at away (and now home) games. Whilst largely speaking these are embarrassing kids this is where that kind of nonsense can easily lead to -
Largely associating themselves with a club purely for the sake of using it as a rallying point. I had hoped these kind of stories were confided to a dark past.


  • Largely try and avoid them, but at the last couple of games it's been impossible.

    The 20-30 strong mob "marching" in towards the ground from the Hour Glass acting aggressively and bravely abusing away fans in taxis.

    Then the worst atmosphere I've been amongst at a Wycombe game, surrounded by the foul mouthed negative squad. Apart from a certain much older guy everyone knows, the rest are an angry young element more keen on the pub than the actual game

  • As long as I am nowhere near that w**ker who got kicked out last week. Obviously just starting to experience alcohol, bless him.

    Absolutely no problem with people having a booze up at football, part and parcel of the day for us. However, don't start mouthing off at your own fans and acting the big man (think I wrote exactly the same after seeing what happened last week).

    Anyway, COYB!!

  • Whilst I fully agree with your sentiments AGFC, I can't imagine any of that lot ever actually throwing a punch in the name of Wycombe Wanderers. Thank God.

  • I wholeheartedly agree, however i must disagree with @Malone, at the last against Colchester, this group of idiots was quite large, id estimate around 50 of them, and i also witnessed a glass or bottle being thrown at a passing car. It was one of the worst experiences for me, combined with Oxford away where my 70 year old father had beer thrown over him.and almost knocked over in a full fight in the concourse as we were trying to leave the kassam. Im sure they will mature at some point

  • A bit of "zero tolerance" may be required before the insidious creep of the kind of anti-social behaviour described above takes a "firm" hold.

    Good luck to any of these yobs who misbehave at Fratton Park. The stewards there rarely brook any nonsense.

  • I would imagine they will be quiet as mice today. Unless they ARE as stupid as they possibly have demonstrated already.

  • I almost wish that they would try and play up then they can get hammered by a team of proper stewards and hopefully the ringleaders can be banned from grounds across the country.

  • You could be right @wycombelad . My memory has probably tries to shrink their numbers to make them less significant.

    saw the police quickly move in when something was thrown though.

  • @Malone don't listen to him, he's one of the kid wind-up merchants who've joined this board. This one's speciality is over-inflating any signs of trouble and pretending to be worried by it in order to get concerned reactions. He only posts on these sort of threads, his age changes post to post and his writing style is that of a child attempting to sound grown up. He's clearly one of the FB Yoof Crew on here for shits & giggles.

  • I didn't go away last season (pompy) but if my memory serves me right I recall reading on here the stewards are quiet full on/hands on.......the interbreed firm might get a reality check, am I right in thinking the fat bald late 40s/early50s is the leader? Also the hygiene of the firm is a worry for people close by I went to crawley with a few cousins and they couldn't get over the smell and look of them, curly brown teeth and they stink of piss and stale sweat on there market stone Island jackets......embarrassing

  • Acne, pronounced overbites and severely limited vocabularies seem to be the order of the day from what I've seen. Pathetic and embarrassing bunch.

  • @aloysius I beg your pardon sir?

  • I think @wycombelad you are the victim of false identification! I'm guessing you're nearer 50 than 30.

  • Apparently eight Wycombe fans ejected during first half. Pathetic. So many people here today don't seem interested in watching the game

  • Poor support imo today, a large number seemed more interested exchanging abuse with the home supporters.

  • Having a chuckle on the FB group at the moans at the heavy handed stewards.

    Just "banter" apparently.

    Wonder how many would have been ejected at Luton last week.

    I went to Portsmouth the other year, and the stewards hauled a couple out for persistant standing. Let them back in though, but sh!Tted them up enough to behave.

    @aloysius . I agree with @micra . I think you might be mixing @wycombelad up with one of the yoof WUMs who goes under a similar ish name, that I currently forget!

  • Problem with the start of this thread is that you credit the bunch of morons it's aimed at with actually being able to read

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