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The season is now saved

For many months after the playoff final, I had the plastic rectangle thing, that we were supposed to hold up, on my cars rear parcel shelf. Not particularly deliberately tbh, just never got around to getting rid of it. Until in the aftermath of the Plymouth game last season I thought it wise to remove it to avoid the car getting vandalised (there was a weird "princess Di death aftermath" style fascistic hysteria down here for a couple of weeks after the game which IMHO played a large part in Plymouth's subsequent slide from virtual certain auto promotion). While it was up, 43pts from 27 games, play off form, since it came down 26 points from 25, relegation battle form. Now to be honest this has happened before, the club never really recovered from a trophy final flag that used to hang proudly in my garage being lost in a house move in the mid90s. History blames Alan Smith for the decline, but secretly I suspect my flag was to blame.

The good news is I found my plastic rectangle thing while chucking some stuff out last night and it has been restored to its place on the parcel shelf. I am confident that now good times will resume. Look its not some sort of miracle worker, almost certainly it will not deliver even a point at Pompey, but I am confident that its power coupled with a gradual return to action from the 6 first teamers currently long term injured will eventually result in results improving and some sort of mid tablish position being reached. Keep the faith.


  • Fascinating.

  • You should have waited until after Portsmouth to put it up.

  • I'm curious to know what the plastic rectangular thing is.

  • Nah Chris, I am confident of its magic powers, but even magic plastic rectangular things need a little time and patience to work their magic. I am confident it will help to drive a few results in the next five games after Pompey.

    Mr Micra, its the plastic rectangular thing that we were supposed to hold up as the players came out, presumably to look good on TV. Luckily I got a light blue one. I am told the dark blue ones have no magic powers at all.

  • I must have been absent when they were given out. (I often am !)

  • If we don't get any points in the next five games, I might have a second hand one for sale......

  • Thanks but no thanks!

  • Can't be a coincidence.

  • 16 wins from the 24 games since (3 draws) and I did warn you it would take a while to warm up.

    Obviously Gareth Ainsworth and his hard-working players must take fair bit of the credit but.............

  • Gareth has now moved above Paul Lambert to become our second most successful manager after St Martin.

  • Lambert was number 2? Wasn't a fan of PL when he did his hop skip and jump to rivals and then their rivals.....

  • Martin O'Neill
    Played: 262 Won: 140 Drawn: 63 Lost: 59 Win %: 53.44

    Gareth Ainsworth
    Played: 232 Won: 95 Drawn: 58 Lost: 79 Win %: 40.9

    Paul Lambert
    Played: 108 Won: 44 Drawn: 29 Lost: 35 Win %: 40.7

    There are a couple of caretakers with 0, 50 or 100 per cent but it was over one or two matches.

  • Good stats!

  • Sorry to be lazy, but what were John Gorman's figures?

  • For his main run (the 8 game stint was 25%):

    John Gorman
    Played: 82 Won: 30 Drawn: 25 Lost: 27 Win %: 36.58

  • Out of context these figures mean nothing. What league achieved in, what team inherited, what budget compared to opponents.

    Having said that O'neill 1 Ainsworth 2 is in line with my ranking, probably with Sanchez third.

  • Brian Lee must have a decent win %

  • Harder to find Brian Lee as it was non-league days but a rough figure appears to be 67.9% win rate!

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