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Hayes & Yeading v Chesham Utd next Tuesday (13th)

If anyone was thinking of going to see Hayes & Yeading v Chesham Utd at Hayes' new stadium next Tuesday..... then don't. Hayes have been banned from using their new Beaconsfield Rd stadium until essential electrical work is completed to comply with the safety certificate.

As a result the match will now take place at Beaconsfield SYCOB's Holloways Park ground k.o. 7.45pm. Other home matches for H & Y are being staged at Hendon's new Silver Jubilee Park ground (just off the North Circular Road).


  • Thanks for letting me know, Mr W. You have an impressive passion for non-league football, indeed football in general. May I ask how many matches including WWFC roughly you get to per season?

  • Have you been to Slough yet Andy?

  • @DevC it's football in general - I don't like to distinguish between Football League and Non-League. Most Non-League games I've seen this season have provided better entertainment than the Football League ones. I get to around 50-55 games per season. I really enjoy midweek games before the clocks go back - hence my frustration with the way the Football League fixtures are scheduled.

    The weather forecast next Tuesday is 28'C in our area. A lovely evening to go and watch a local game. So it's St Albans City v Hemel Hempstead Town in the big Herts derby in the National League South. If anyone doubts the rivalry the ground will be segregated for this fixture. Bring earplugs if you're offended by "forthright language".

  • Good on you. Sad to see segregation required at any game, let alone a game at that level, but otherwise hope you enjoy it. Must admit last season I was cycling past a local tier 6 game where the fence had blown down. thought I would stop and watch five minutes, still there at the end of the game (extra time - must have been league cup). Decent standard, no timewasting, no diving, no professionalism, just a really enjoyable game won by a last minute dodgy penalty. Maybe you have got it right.

  • @peterparrotface No, not been to Arbour Park yet. Will be going within the next couple of months though. Interested to draw comparisons with the set-up at Maidstone United.

    I was quite impressed with the standard of football when I went to see Maidstone v Wealdstone in the FA Trophy two seasons ago. However, I'm not happy with the carcinogenic links between 3G pitches and the rubber crumb they put on them to reduce the bounce of the ball (mostly made from reconstituted vehicle tyres). I remember a WW pre-season friendly at Oxford City on a hot evening. The stench from the neighbouring 3G pitch was horrible. Needs a lot more research before these pitches become widely accepted. However, if this issue can be resolved 3G/4G pitches are a fantastic community asset. Not convinced they should be allowed in the Football League though. For full-time professionals they are hard on the knees.

  • Re Rubber Crumb, the (fairly) recent scare stories arise almost entirely from one guy perhaps understandably trying to come up for rationalisation for his son sadly contracting cancer. There have been no scientific surveys suggesting any such link and such a suggestion seems to have less scientific credibility than even the MMR vaccine nonsense. Almost impossible to prove a negative of course, but I suggest this element should not be a factor in the valid discussion of the merits and otherwise of artificial pitches.

  • I've played a few games on 3G pitches and I'm not a fan. They definitely have a bigger impact on the knees (often had soreness the following day which I don't get on grass) and the minute you go in for a slide tackle you lose all the skin off your travelling leg. Good job they weren't approved for the FL, or we'd only have 4 players available for Pompey.

    If the club had one to conduct light training sessions on, or use in bad weather, which they could then rent out to local teams etc. then great, but I wouldn't want to think of our team of sicknotes and 30-somethings charging about on one six days a week.

    @A_Worboys I understand from following Gosport that Hemel fans have a bit of a reputation. Apparently it's been blamed on Luton fans looking to cause trouble. Whether or not that's actually true I have no idea.

  • Keep Plastic Pitches out of real Football.

  • @Jonny_King Never seen any Luton fans at Hemel. Lots who follow Watford though. Just one of those rumours that gets around which has no substance. There are enough herberts in Hemel not to worry about Luton fans anyway.

  • @A_Worboys the minor trouble between Wealdstone and Hemel last season was caused by two Luton fans.

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