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Radical Root & Branch EFL structure changes proposals

Not sure if everyone is aware of the radical changes to the structure of the leagues that are currently being proposed. Raised at the Summer Conference in Portugal and by follow-up letters 30 June and 17 August, the EFL is looking to discuss further at the next Club Meeting on 22 September.

Proposals include (a) moving rounds 3 & 4 of the FA Cup to mid-week slots to free up weekends for the Premier League in order that a winter break can be introduced, (b) reduce the number of games played in the EFL in order to be able to move the FA Cup games to mid-week slots, (c) Premier League to compensate EFL clubs for revenue lost through reducing number of games played (d) regionalisation of Leagues 1 and 2, (e) adding 12 clubs / teams to Leagues 1 & 2 and then creating three leagues of 20 teams each, (f) possibility of creating three leagues of 22 teams instead through not having any relegation in season 2018/19 (g) discussions on where the additional 12 clubs / teams should and should NOT come from!

Discussions appear to be at reasonably advanced stages with both the Premier League and FA with draft fixture schedules to show how the proposals would work having been shared with them – to be shared with the EFL Clubs ahead of the 22 September meeting.

It appears that EFL Clubs were asked for their initial feedback by 2 September (i.e. NOT a Yes or No to the proposals). They then intend to have firm proposals in place for November for clubs to consider with a view to a vote at the AGM in July 2017. As things stand any changes need a 90% majority for them to be sanctioned, which would mean only 8 clubs need to vote against for them to be rejected.

The EFL say the second stage will see fans consulted – it will be top of the agenda when league officials meet with the Football Supporters Federation and representatives from club supporters’ groups in October.

Known as the ‘Whole Game Solution’ is radical change the correct phase here? Is this another opportunity for introduction of ‘B’ Teams? Would be very interesting to know what the Trust Board’s views are.

Apologies for the length of this post, but hopefully justified by the detail and seriousness of the subject.


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