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Stadium Wireless?

Just a quick ask.
Has anyone managed to connect with it. None of us three in the old main stand could. Kept saying "excellent signal strength", then wouldn't connect because signal too weak! Very frustrating given the club announcing that it would be fantastic for everyone!


  • They said there was an issue that wasn't noticed until Saturday. They're hoping to have it fixed for Tuesday I believe.

  • Ok thanks.

  • yes facebook says they couldn't test the system until they had a critical mass of phones trying to connect, which is what happened on Sat & they are now trying to sort for a second live test to-morrow night

  • I finally connected mid-way through the second half. Although it still didn't work. O2 3G was fine, as it always is at Adams Park.

    Like the way the big launch became 'a trial'!

  • I don't work in testing or operations for large wireless networks, so perhaps I'll come across as massively ignorant, but...

    It seems to me that such a test could be run artificially beforehand by making lots of connection requests from bot devices? Seems odd to run a test on the day of a launch.

  • maybe the bloke who forgot to turn on the undersoil heating a couple of years ago forgot to put a tanner in the slot for the 'leckie?
    Lets hope they have sorted out the loos in the family stand by Tues as well, they were very much old skool St Jame's Park Exeter on Saturday

  • No Vodafone 3G 2G or any mobile signal at all,or stadium wireless.

    Adams Park is my little communications hideaway.

  • Still can't connect FFS! Sort it out before announcing this wonderful product please.

  • Worked for me tonight but not on Saturday.

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