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Pierre stays (until January at least)



  • I think AP is quite good in possession's not often he is robbed once he has the ball at his feet. Glad to hear he is staying.

  • The Facebook group is one of the most chronic echo chambers I've ever seen.

    One "big dog" on the group says he's shit and all the beta pups follow suit, until it reaches a critical mass of mutual back slapping and frothing at the mouth. At that point of critical mass, Alan Parry chimes in and it turns into a frenzy of abuse.

    I feel a bit sorry for Mr Parry, he's old enough to know better but can't help but be dragged into arguments he can't win because he doesn't make your mum jokes.

  • Anthony Stewart's current form is pretty impressive too, IMO.

  • If AP, gets the green light or nod to bring the ball out and distribute to a team mate, can only add more value and put the hoofball behind us, that includes JJ too.

  • @mooneyman . Am intrigued by your list.
    Is it overall level, or as a Wycombe player?

    Bates and McCarthy were a wonderful pair for example, in a higher league, and arguably in a much better team than we have now.
    Hause was only here a very brief time.
    Johnson went on to show his better ability much later.

    I'd go Williamson or Mawson as out best ever centre back if I had to pick.
    Williamson was imperious in his last 6months with us, and wasn't a surprise at all that he went onto the top level.

  • @bill_stickers . You're right. Typical pack mentality, with those who don't agree abused to high heaven.

    I have to admit, I had to question myself the other day, as I thought i'd remembered Pierre as probably our first name on the team sheet, and the player a lot of us crap ourselves if he misses even one league game.

    Yet reading that group, you'd think Dave Winfield's lazier, less accurate, Morgan-esque brother was who they were talking about

  • @Malone - My list is based on what I consider is actual ability. Hause wasn't here long but he showed incredible talent at such a young age. Out of all of them I actually think he will be ultimately the best defender provided that he keeps working at his game and doesn't think he has already made it. I agree with you regarding Williamson in terms of solely performances at Wycombe.

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