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  • Unlucky mate

  • @banterking said:
    Unlucky mate

    Not, on the face if it, hysterically funny.

  • In fairness I thought the same as @banterking when I read that post this morning!

  • Tashkent is on a free transfer and Gape on loan. End of. But yes, I liked the "cinema near you" analogy.

  • The Swindon fans thought the transfer was a banker and were most put out when the deal did not happen.
    I guess if you look at the hypothetical numbers it was quite an easy one of AH etc. No way would Swindon offer much more than £250k for a player with less than 12-months on his contract and if we have a significant sell on with Brentford that number would shrink again.
    It my dreamy world I would love to see him sign a new deal and sign for a bigger club in January or the summer. Footballer reality should tell me he will now sulk til January.

  • Hopefully he has his sights set higher than Swindon Town anyway.

  • I would like to think Pierre would be more professional than to sulk, hopefully he will knuckle down and get some more illustrious team after him come January.

  • See my comment on the Pierre Stays thread.

  • He can do better than Swindon.

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