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Mawson makes the premiership

signs for Swansea. good luck to the lad.


  • Do they still send news to Devon by carrier pigeon?

  • I still love him, but that moustache takes some forgiving.

  • Excellent...Hope he does well he was a class act for us.

  • When was the last time it was actually called the "Premiership" out of interest?

  • Most recently at the top of this post

  • unless they get rid of Guidolin, he could be back in the Championship next year.

  • As for the Jacks relegation, I'm not sure, but Mawson will slot in nicely and is a perfect replacement for Ashley Williams, seeks goals, and will make a big difference at the back.

  • He's good @Ciderk1d . But needless to say he'll find the step up in quality huge!

    Will be very interesting though.

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    March 2015
    Im saying Alfie Mawson won't play Premier League Football but I am very happy to have him at WWFC

  • Probably won't be playing in the Premier long as Swansea will get relegated!

  • @Chris Ah bless him. His insider knowledge really gave him a clear insight didn't it. I wonder what became of him?... (I know....)

  • Alfie has been given the number 6, previously worn by Ashley Williams, big shoes to fill

  • I have no doubts about Mawson stepping up, could see it when he maruded forward for us with the ball, Mawson has the attitude and skills to do that role and I look forward to watch the highlights. wish him the Best of Luck.

  • I'd rate as good if not better than the previous defenders WWFC have seen move into the top division.
    Top player, future international footballer?

  • I think Mawson has the talent to make it to the top and whilst with us had the attitude to go with it. If that remains all he needs is a bit of luck and I wish it all the best.

    Future England centre back for me.

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  • His goal against Luton away should be the benchmark for attacking centre-backs. Probably also the one which took him out of our reach financially, though.

  • Bit of a high benchmark. I can't see him scoring many like that in his career.

  • Still reckon Hause will play for England before Alfie but how amazing would it be to see them line up together?

  • @Chris I have high standards!

  • Best wishes to Alfie Mawson. Luton away goal for me was one of the best goals I have seen in a Wycombe shirt

  • Wales online are reporting the transfer fee was £5 million and Swansea beat of other premiership teams to sign him. Good luck to him.

  • Talking of ex Wycombe centre halves Mike Williamson out until at least January at Wolves and doubts remain that he may not play for the club again

  • Wolves must be getting edgy that Hause doesn't end up like the other ex-Wycombe centre backs they've had!

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