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  • I think we did start 4-4-2 which was why Thompson looked better making wide runs. The guy on the other side who looks a bit like Sam Wood less so. Then it fell apart. We went narrow, we went long. I kind of thought it was the job of the manager to say what players should be doing so why he did not correct this I don't know.

    The empty words of the press conference are simply that. It was obvious for all to see from 30 minutes on what the problem was. Even at 0-1 it was fixable. Then subs were shambles as always. Freeman was ready to come on, then sat down, then up, then down, then up. It took over 10 minutes from between when he first went to the 4th official til he went on. It goes to show that GA was just lost as to what to do and that showed in the 'formation' after the goal.

    I thought Rowe had a really good game. I hope he got taken off for fitness reasons. Starting to show what we all hoped he would do. There were a couple of other decent performances as well just in the context of a really shambolic formation.

  • Thanks for the report as ever, some sobering reading though.

  • That '4' for Wood's a bit generous.

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