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Long Throws

Was that the first time in living memory that we've actually done anything remotely dangerous from a long throw?

Almost without fail they seem to get nodded away by centre-halves or caught by goalkeepers.

Even when we had Bomber Harris hurling them into the box from anywhere inside the opposing team's half I seem to remember the net result being the square root of bugger all.

Maybe I've just forgotten.

Anyway, that was a healthy old chuck from Thommo, right onto Akinfenwa's bonce and an absolutely cracking header from the big man.

Nice to have a player with game changing abilities.


  • Yes, Thommo certainly has those.

  • More of that please, when it's possible and Bayo is on the field of play. Like Stewert, players to be on your toes for 2nd ball.

    There's plenty more where that comes from into the penalty area.

  • Makes a huge difference when you have a player of such strength that 2 normal sized blokes can't deal with him.

    Shows what a powerhouse Pierre is, that we never really had much problem defending against him in the last season or 2.

    Whether we use Akinfenwa as the main target, or use him as a decoy to tie up 2 of their men, we should have a lot of success through this.

    Hopefully as a Plan B, or at least A+, rather than just pumping it to him all game.

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