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  • Hopefully we can win our first game with this ref in charge.

  • Crikey, that is a disturbing stat !
    Reading this preview, two things struck me. Accrington seem to have potential defensive vulnerability - 4 goals conceded already (and not to clubs seen as likely front runners) - and an injury list similar to our own. Plus a red card already. The difference on the injury front is that they picked up a couple of theirs on Saturday and we, mercifully, seemed to come through unscathed.
    On the law of averages, we are overdue to win (or at least not lose) a game with Brendan Malone in charge so I am going to predict a narrow Wycombe win.

  • edited August 2016

    Malone was in charge of a 1-0 win at Plymouth several years ago, so it's not all bad, just recently.

    The fact that we've only beaten Accrington once in 8 attempts at AP is a stat that stood out for me.

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