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poor from WWFC tonight

For a crowd of 1800 (500 away) there were lengthy queues outside the ground at ko due to one window in operation and no cash turnstile. Having bought my ticket in advance I strolled into the Vere at 1930 for a beer, only to be told that they were only serving soft drinks. What is the rationale for this? If they want people out of the bar before kick off I would understand. But why discriminate against drinkers of alcohol? People may get sangerously drunk drinking 15 minutes before kick off? But not at half time when alcohol was served? Very poor.


  • I think the 15 minute 'law' has been in place for years. Its the same as not being able to see the playing surface with 15 til kick off 'law'. Thats why the curtains in the Woodlands Suite have to be pulled at 2:45. I once saw a pitch at 2:48 and almost went on a rampage.

  • Fair enough. I was wearing a pair of old shorts tonight and found a miniature baileys in one of the pockets. I took a swig in the toilets but as soon as I saw the pitch I inexplicably knockeda cup of tea out of somebody's hand and ran away shouting 'boobies'

  • What's the exact rule with 15mins before kick off and not seeing the pitch? Just in rooms that serve alcohol?
    Surely boxes don't have to put the blinds up?

  • Boxes do have to put the blinds up if they serve alcohol. It is the same at stadiums up and down the country where the games are filmed. I go to a box at Arsenal from time to time and they are very insistent that the curtains are drawn 15 mins before KO.

  • That's how I understand it too. Been in place for sometime.

    Not how there can be a queue for tickets though. That is pretty poor.

  • Ok but the vere suite isnt in view of the pitch?

  • @bill_stickers why do you go to a box at Arsenal from time to time?

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