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  • To compound our injury issues, I wonder if we'll be resting Pierre to prevent him being cup-tied. Maybe worth a few extra thousand if he's to be sold this month.

  • Very surprised, if from listening to Pierre's weekend performance, would should rest him, more like if fit, play him to make amends, and improve his ball distribution same goes for JJ.

  • 'Listening to Pierre's weekend performance'

    LOL. Just LOL

  • @ritm; So what you saying, don't believe what you hear from the commentary Or the fact I didn't attend the away game!

    If it's the latter, fair enough, but sorry to say, the home matches I have watched both JJ and Pierre's ball distribution its terrible (JJ dead ball often awesomeΒ£) great defenders, but to pass it a team mate 5-16 yards mate, from the back, not so good.

  • @Ciderk1d
    I can't see how anyone can take a radio commentary as an indication of how someone has played. Too many personal opinions in play for a fair assessment. To even suggest it is ludicrous to me.

    Pierre's distribution has always been a weak part of his game but he's never been encouraged to get any better. We don't have midfielders who come towards him for 5 yard passes. Our game is for the centre halves to bang it long and for the midfield to pick up the scraps so they are moving away from the player with the ball. Mawson was an exception as he could pass it long.

    Aaron Pierre is a great defender at our level. If passing is a flaw I'll take that.

    JJ is a different case. I've always seen him as a decent passer of the ball. He wasn't at his best late last season but he can do better. As I say above though, he needs people to show for passes and whilst the midfield run away from him it's always trickier.

  • Here's the team I expect to see tomorrow:

    Jombati | Stewart | De Havilland | Jacobson
    Bean | Rowe
    Thompson | McGinn | Wood

  • @Right_in_the_Middle; I will concede to your response, as it's a fair and valid point.

    Next home game, just hope I don't see rather than hear, the infamous "hoofing it blindly" after, we go a goal down and play a brand of football that brings in the crowd and is entertaining.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle @Ciderk1d All we try and do on the commentary is accurately describe what happens, good, bad or otherwise. It will of course, never replace being able to form your own opinion first hand.

    I've seen Aaron Pierre have better games for WW than he did at Crawley, but he is coming back from injury and also went very close to scoring on two occasions.

  • Question: Visiting my dear old Mum in Beaconsfield to-morrow afternoon. Afterwards do I a) drive straight home 60 miles up the M40 or b) come off at Handy Cross for a couple of hours and check out the depleted squad performance?

  • Definitely attend. Every game could be the game we win 6-0.

    Recently I've seen it more as every game could be the game we create a clear cut chance, but the point still stands...

  • Seeing is believing. Traffic will be much lighter at 10pm and you might have a happy journey home wondering what all the fuss has been about. On the other hand.........
    Are you also a Baggies fan perchance Perfidious?

  • The moniker and geography may suggest that micra but no local lad, do you drive a Nissan perchance!!

  • Corsa not! Moniker is a close approximation to my forename/surname. My daughter, bless her, asked me if it related to the size of my brain. (I suppose she could have been more offensive!)

  • That's a cracker and no mistake! Trust it's not a case of "many a true word spoken in jest". Surprised to find myself fleetingly thinking "oh no, that's the last straw" when I was at least looking forward to some entertainment from the big fella.
    Not heard the Fattykenwa sobriquet before. Nice one.

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