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Match day thread: Shrewsbury

edited March 2015 in Football

TEAM NEWS: Jombati injured, Saunders drops to bench, Fred fit: #WYCvSHR #Salop

— Wycombe Wanderers FC (@wwfcofficial) March 14, 2015



  • Sam Wood Goal in 45 seconds!

  • Is Saunders or Ephraim playing? The BBC website says Saunders

  • Saunders, Ephraim withdrawn due to illness.

  • Bean allegedly playing but haven't heard his name mentioned!

  • He's gotten in the way of a couple of their balls so far.

  • As usual opposition Managers make their moves early in the game and give their players adequate time to make an impression. We'll see how this pans out.

  • Holloway has changed the flow of the game. We are now again asking questions of the Shrewsbury defence and causing problems. Hit the post and defended well, rest my case. 3 points COYBs.

  • Well done lads excellent!

  • Superb win. Now we need to under line that great result with a win on Tuesday night against Accrington. Well done boys!

  • See you lot on Tuesday, we got our mojo back.

  • Was on my the edge of my chair last 15 min hola, hola hola.

  • Sorry spelt Holla, Holla, Hola!

  • Thought Nico was brilliant today. Sammy Wood didn't stop running, same for Hayes. Saunders always looking for different options and finally, Holloway was the reason we saw the game through. They came out for the second half looking like they had a point to prove, and whilst they didn't do too much with the ball, the change completely killed any chance they had of getting back into the game. And his shot, that deserved to hit the back of the net.

  • Agree with all the comments above esp. the effect Holloway had but MOM for me by a long way was Alfie Mawsom.Quality.

  • Awesome Mawsom. I thought MOM was announced very early.

  • All in all.. Well done Ainsworth for bringing this team together.

  • Can't think of enough superlatives to ladle on todays team performance. From minute one, the juicy cross from Nico and bullet of a header from Woods right to the last second, the whole team put in a major effort. Without wishing to pick any particular individual, I have to say that Yennaris is worth a special mention as he was a shoe in at right back and played like he had been there all season. Saunders showed real touches of class and never looked like he was going to give the ball away, even though he did on a few rare occasions. Bloomfield played one of his best games in a long time. Hayes gave his all for as long as he could and as usual, played with intelligence. Holloway was fantastic when he came on and proved a real pain to their two centre backs. The shot from Holloway was pure class. As for Sammy Wood, what can you say about that mans energy levels and enthusiasm to perform? If I was the opposition manager I would be demanding a drugs test on Sam. Woody plays like a Hare on speed!
    All round a fantastic home performance from players and management. It even roused some of the Wycombe crowd from their usual Fortnightly Saturday afternoon slumber.

  • fred is one of my frav's,but holloway is showing true potential the guy just gets better.

  • Woody was awesome today ran, chased scored never gave up.

  • I have to say that today was an awesome performance from the whole team. Sammy Wood, Nick Yennaris and Sam Saunders the pick of the bunch but everyone put in a real shift. Even Marcus Bean started to make his mark by the end of the match!
    Timing of the substitution was spot on too, Fred tried hard but wasn't getting any real joy whereas Holloway was a problem for their centre backs. If his shot has gone in it would be a contender for goal of the season.
    Shrewsbury looked all at sea in the first half - didn't know how to handle our formation at all. Okay, they gave it a real go in the second half but that was to be expected. Thought we defended resolutely and then came back strong towards the end. Had we scored a second goal then it would not have been so tense for the final minutes, but that's football sometimes.
    I'm even prepared to not criticise the ridiculously early announcement of MOM and perhaps view it as gamesmanship. Trying to kid Shrewbury that the match was as good as over after 81minutes.
    Finally have to say that the crowd played their part too. If we can continue the support like that I'm starting to not only believe that promotion is a possibility but just starting into dream about winning the league.
    Can't make Accrington on Tuesday, but after that I'm planning on attending every match home and away.

    Who's joining me?

  • Agree with all the comments, great team performance from everybody, the energy levels were immense from the start, and the early goal helped to create a great atmosphere. The win today was not just about the points, It must give the squad a great boost. I think we must just do it, which is incredible when you think of the budgets both Shrewsbury and Burton have. COYB

  • Definitely one of the performances of the season played at such a high tempo rarely gave the shrews breathing space, hit the bar, near miss and a couple of really good saves from their keeper, and sub made at just the right time. Wood was immense as he must have run the equivalent of a marathon today and at a sprint, definitely my MOM even though some very very stiff competition. They must all be knackered but sure they will pick themselves up for Tuesday, port and cigars all round.

  • edited March 2015

    The big thing I noticed yesterday. For the first time this season it really felt like the crowd believed we can get promoted. Some of the support brought back memories of Torquay.

  • I must say that I feel sorry for Hogan but playing Saunders after his withdrawal may have actually benefitted us against Shrewsbury.
    If Hogan had played, we may not have been able to compete as we did in the massive midfield battle.
    Hogan is obviously a very skillful player and I hope he gets a another chance soon.

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