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  • Hello!

    Full commentary is on BBC3CR DAB and on Chairboys Player.

    Today I'm with Scotty


  • Weston's taken an early knock, looks like a leg muscle problem. Off for Bloomfield.

  • Southwell, O'Nien and Pierre have shots blocked off the line in quick succession.

  • sounds like the games died down a bit following a good for opening 20 minutes.

  • It's not bad, workmanlike, the better team. But have been caught out a couple of times through defensive errors...quite a few here.

  • Crawley 1-0 Wycombe Wanderers.

  • Not sure why Broomfield was bought on....great guy but needed something different when replacing Weston

  • Bayo coming on for the apparently injured LO'N.

  • Harriman off for Sido. All three subs brought about by injury today. Bean currently down as well.

  • Six minutes added on.

  • Great start of the season...3 injuries on top of the 5 that we have injured already #lookinglikealongseason

  • Final score Crawley 1-0 Wycombe. 11 corners, lots of attacking pressure, no goals.

  • Nothing changes no goals most of the squad injured what next.

  • looks like another year of mediocrity will be lucky to finish mid table mind you where a very small club so say the club anyway so who cares .

  • Classic Trevor and Brittanywanderer posts.

  • classic humble pie more like

  • Another pointless negative Trevor post.

    Yes it was dire today, yes it was deflating. The abundance of attacking options suddenly looks as wafer thin as last year too, with 3 of the front guys now injured.

    However, Pierre can only get better, looked half fit today, and it's only the first game of a very long season.

    On another note, some strange little scuffles between our fans in our end today. I blame the heat!

  • Was pathetic however it's only after 1 match....if we are still performing like today after 4-5 games I will be worried.

  • Early days I know but a poor performance overall.

  • lets hope brown doesn't get injured no keeper then

  • A poor result against what has to be one of the weakest teams in League 2.

    I for one could not see any improvement over last season with no pattern or style of play evident.

    Much to work on. A start would be to look at the distribution of both Centre Halves which was awful and requires immediate attention.

  • @Wwfc2015_ ; Spot on early days, GA just needs to put a rocket up their arses and all will be good.

  • Troubling points for me are the losses before or during the match of the creativity we have in the squad leaving mainly endeavour.
    Also I'm intrigued about the right back position. Harriman and Sido were a really threatening pair last season when they played together. Dropping playing Harriman there and no Sido seems like a lose lose IMHO

  • Not sure why Bloomfield was back defending there for the goal. Got himself in a real muddle. Probably should have had a penalty not long after, however.

    Southwell looked decent I thought. Some good touches and jumped well. Needs a better partner than Thomo though (how did he not hit the target with that half volley?)

    Really didn't like the formation. A bit lopsided with Wood the only real winger after Weston went off. And I'm not sure we really needed three central midfielders considering all Crawley's threat came down the flanks.

    Lots of set pieces that came largely to nothing.

    Pretty crap game. Crawley edged it although a 0-0 would have been about right.

    Absolutely diabolical refereeing, as per.

  • Really, really bad start.

    Lots of poor individual performances but above all a chronic lack of game plan other than the ubiquitous pressing of the opposition and aimless long balls.

    As legs tired on a grassy playing surface, it was crying out for short passing, movement and width in order to create space and threatening opportunities. We were unable to deliver any of that. Crawley just about managed it, a bit, and as a result deserved their 3 points, but they were no great shakes.


  • Industry only goes so far, no quality and that's the end result. Passing to one another is the facet of playing football, pass and move, should be bloody obvious and bread n butter during training sessions.

  • It's only when you read back different people's comments you start remembering bits yourself sometimes.

    Bloomfield could definitely have had a pen. Seemed to me like he'd headed it, then got wiped out. And again, what was he even doing in that position to get brushed off for their goal.

    Worrying thing for me, is that someone said based on the last 8 games of last year, on the form table, we only had 2 teams below us.
    One was Crawley!

    I'd always have Jombati playing, unless Paris is playing and firing as a wide right player.
    He was unlucky to have a player like McCarthy keeping him out last season, but there's no reason now not to play him.

    We did have a few little chances first half, but second half was very worrying. Knocking it long, looking tired, Pierre smashing a few straight into the crowd. JJ and Harriman with some appalling crossing.

    Let's hope it was a horrible one off, and that the injured forward people come back very soon.
    Tuesday is a bonus really, but we need a quick turnaround for Saturday.

  • @Malone what were the strange little scuffles between our fans?

  • Worrying was that I had no clue what we were playing. When we started it was clearly 4-3-3, but when Weston left, we switched to a shambolic formation which left Harriman constantly exposed.

    Crawley were terrible, but attacked a few times down their left, and you knew what would happen.

    So disappointed at the aimless lack of any clue up front. I heard someone complaining about strikers, but it was lack of service AGAIN.

    Also, can we all realise that JJ is awful at distribution? Made one good delivery last season for a goal against Oxford, over 10 poor deliveries today.

    Most annoying was how bad they were. One decent chance, and they were there to be beaten.

  • edited August 2016

    One was just down to frustration and heat, a couple of old boys getting into a ferocious foul mouthed row with a couple of "ladies" about their continued negativity. Don't see that tpo often to be honest.

    But the other one seemed to be a 5min little incident, that the marshalls had to wade in to break up. Not sure exactly what was going on, but lots of swearing, jostling, and a couple of Wycombe fans had to leave the central terrace, and go to the wide one, probably for their own well being!
    Anyone see anything more?

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