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Marcus Bean

Is it just me or does the game seem to pass him by? Perhaps lack of 'game time' is an explanation. Had a poor one last week, Pompey fans got on his back (do they know something?). Certainly needs a big game on Saturday to step into Josh's small but beautifully formed boots. Really hope 'Has' doesn't become his nickname.


  • I think they got on his back purely because he used to play for them?

  • I got to agree, Bean seems to get in tangle with his feet. Must be them yellow boots of his?

  • Mmmm. I was pleased when Marcus Bean signed for us (even if he cam efrom Col U!) and yes he probably didnt have his greatest game on Saturday until the 80th minute when he suddenly kicked on. I still think its yet another great signing by Gareth so the boy will come good.

  • Pompey fans before the game were bemoaning the fact that he signed for us. Said what a great player he had been for them but their management would only offer a contract until the end of the season

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    I thought he looked decent at the weekend. In the first half he was one of the few who was tracking runs and getting close to the Portsmouth midfield. Second half, when we were on top I thought he played the right pass more often than not.
    He's clearly not the most gifted ball player at the club but adds presence and composure to the midfield.

  • Unfortunately for him - as well as us - he simply isn't going to be able to adequately replace Josh, as he was a very special talent. I think Bean is a decent enough player and can do a job for us but he'll suffer from that comparison for quite a while.

    Sadly it's highly unlikely we'll be able to get a replacement for Josh of the same quality, unless Gaz and co can work their magic like they have with Pierre, Mawson and Fred.

  • Looks better pushing forward than I a holding role

  • I thought he was fine last week. He was wanting the ball throughout and was getting involved more than any other midfield player. He was a lot more effective than Murphy and a much better pick than poor old Bloomers. The Ephraim selection was a poor one - as was McClure who looks shot of confidence. I'd have Bean on my team sheet any day at the moment.

  • Please can I be forgiven. Bean was awesome today, didn't realise he had such turn of pace.

  • Bean was superb today.

  • I wasn't his biggest fan on his first few performances tbh. However today he was real quality and his distribution was excellent.

  • Not sure about all the praise. He did ok but passed sideways a lot when we could have gone forward.

  • A Cambridge supporting friend was scathing in his criticism of Bean today. Thought he persistently fouled and wasn't interested in the ball.

    For me this just backed up his excellent performance. That's exactly the type of player we need; a tough tackler and someone to tidy up after the defence do their job. Playing deeper did him a world of good.

  • I thought he had a really good game. He's not a Scowen substitute but he had a great game today on his own terms.

  • Bean's experience showed yesterday, I lost count of the amount of times he was in the right place to mop up after their players tried to evade or pass their way around challenges from our midfield.
    He was disappointing against Pompey (maybe the needle got to him?) though if he keeps putting in performances like yesterday that'll be forgotten pretty quickly.

  • Man of the match for me yesterday. Stuck to his centre of the park and broke up play and distributed the ball quickly. Job done.

  • Wasn't there yesterday but delighted to hear most thought he had a good game. Bring on Tues night.

  • Saturday was by a country mile, Bean's best game in a Wycombe shirt

  • Great runner that bean

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