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New Season Predicted Points

Sporting indexes predictions are now online Predicted points midway between the two numbers quoted).

Any views on those who will do better or worse than predicted. Luton/Crawley to do a little better than predicted maybe. Otherwise looks about right to me (we are predicted to be around 10th.)



  • I think Blackpool might do worse than predicted.

  • I cant see us reaching 60 points this season. My prediction would be 54-57 points.

  • Unduly pessimistic predictions. I wouldn't dream of putting a figure on it but, with this season's squad (possibly soon to be augmented) I feel confident that we will at least make the playoffs, however many points that will require.
    I will now look at the link @DevC has posted!

  • Crikey, that's depressing! I'm going to play into the hands of the FB "yoof" element now and say that I'd be happy to stay in League 2 provided we have a competitive side playing entertaining football and scoring 2 or 3 goals with reasonable regularity.

  • This in my opinion is our best squad of players that we have had under GA reigh ....think we are covered in most positions (only GK I an not 100% sure on as have not seen him play) think we can definitely push for play offs and maybe beyond...

    Very surprised that they see Crawley doing that bad...think they can challenge for top half...made some good signings also.

  • Made a huge number of signings I believe. Maybe that's the problem (he said mischievously)!

  • From what I've seen in pre season a top 10 finish is more than realistic.

    Agree with this being the best squad we've had under GA, but unsure on the keeper.

  • Sunday Times have Aaron Pierre as one of the three key players in League Two this season. Given he's not been part of our last two friendlies I just can't see him being with us when we kick off against Crawley though. Without him (and Ingram, Mawson, Scowen, Murphy, early Hayes) I'm not sure I'd rank this squad better than that of two seasons ago.

    I think key for us will be getting a settled side early on that gels well together - I'd like to see a clear formation and minimal chopping and changing of personnel. I still think a midfield three of O'Nien, Rowe and Harriman and a front three from Weston, PCH, Southwell and Hayes, with Thompson, Wood and Akinfenwa coming off the bench, could be the recipe for a strong top-half finish. Constant messing though, in particular among the midfield, and I could see us low mid-table before too long, and staying there.

  • You don't think Pierre's absence is related to the knock he sustained against Brentford then @aloysius ?

  • Who were the other two @aloysius ? We can't all afford the Sunday Times (either time or money)!

  • Crewe's Alex Kiwomya and Orient's Jay Simpson. They describe Pierre as a "towering, much-coveted centre half". I really can't believe a seemingly innocuous knock would keep Pierre out of two friendlies - though I can see Ainsworth wanting to let a Stewart/De Havilland understanding develop before the season begins.

  • @aloysius Pierre was limping very heavily at Maidenhead yesterday.

  • I'm not surprised. I was standing about 10 yards from the challenge by Michael Petrasso. It was ill-timed, high and ugly (but not spotted by the officials).

  • With Pierre, I think some of the people on this thread have horribly under rated us. I agree it's the best squad overall, but probably not the best team. The 2 years ago team was very good, especially if you do a mix and match of start and finish versions!

    Have really good expectations this season. We don't have any purely filler material this year. instead of your Sellers types who would never play for long, we have Bloomfield, who can step in as and when needed, so that's a step up.

  • Performance at Maidenhead was most entertaining in a friendly...ever. Beast controlled the game when he came on...Sido and Westy on the wings... And Sam Wood, what a transformation...was a joy to watch

  • Time will tell but really not sure about this "best squad for years" view. I fear you might collectively be letting hopes turn into expectations.

    It is very solid at the back and defensive midfield (although the departure of Pierre would leave a massive hole).

    Upfront though big questionmark over the attacking players - Akinfenwa, Hayes and Thompson all getting toards the end of their careers and Southwell - well he may be another Vardy or lt may be a step too far for him. PCH has questionmarks over injury record and Weston whether he can be consistent. Freeman - see Southwell. Would be a massive plus if Wood returns to previous season's form - first name on the teamsheet when playing well - well second after Pierre.

    The season may go brilliantly or we struggle for goals again. Time will tell. I wonder how many losing games it would be before some of those currently hailing the squad as worldbeaters changing their mind to "conference standard at best" and the manager to "tactically naive" and "lost the dressing room".

    For what its worth I think Sporting Index have their prediction of 10th about right but I hope for a much better outcome. .

  • Dayle Southwell and Nick Freeman will definitely flourish. They have both excelled in non-league and I'm convinced that, with full-time training and wise counsel, they will both prove excellent additions to the squad. Not sure if anyone would agree with me but I think there is more than a hint of Beaver about Dayle Southwell.

  • lets hope you are right. time will tell.

  • so I haven't seen any of the friendlies (and even if I had you can't tell anything serious from them).

    But to me mid table would be fine, a play off challenge would be quality, anything more highly unlikely.

    The loan rules have changed, I still see us dipping into that market and Ainsworth has some OK contacts to that end, and we know from the playoff final and Saunders limping off early doors the difference that a quality loanee can make - or be missed.

  • edited August 2016

    @DevC said:
    I wonder how many losing games it would be before some of those currently hailing the squad as worldbeaters changing their mind to "conference standard at best" and the manager to "tactically naive" and "lost the dressing room".

    3 games, tops.

  • If the first game isn't a 0 - 6 win with a Thompson hat-trick I'm never watching this rubbish again. Probably.

  • None of the new signings have done a thing yet this season. Nothing.

  • Useless.

  • Ainsworth out.

  • Micra in

  • I thought this was supposed to be a supporter run club. Utterly disgraceful.

  • If you take the best 11 across the season from two years ago we had a very very good team indeed. But it was heavily weakened if we had to fall back on an almost non existent bench. We were lucky everything came together very nicely that season with injuries and also with a number of players peaking at crucial points in the season.

    But I feel we're starting this season with the best squad we've had since being relegated back to lg 2. In particular, the attacking options are much stronger.

    I feel very confident and would put a 7th placed finish as roughly par.

  • If Ainsworth says we are a small club with no money one more time before a ball is kicked. I will never watch this rubbish again. Probably.

  • I don't believe a word Ainsworth tells the press anymore. Most of it is building his legacy as a manager working wonders with no money and the rest is just plain lies.

    This week a report came out with quotes saying he didn't expect any more signings and then next day he signs Muller. What was the point in the first interview?

    For me Ainsworth is starting a real pivotal season for him. If the style of football doesn't improve he could be in big trouble before Christmas. If he does manage to get some goals in to the team he could be offered some bigger jobs in the same timescale.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:

    This week a report came out with quotes saying he [Ainsworth] didn't expect any more signings and then next day he signs Muller. What was the point in the first interview?

    Yes, there did seem to be a contradiction there and it may be that GA had in mind permanent signings. I thought at the time that he was probably excluding loan signings - most people seem to think there could be one or two of those - and Max Muller had already been with the squad for about a month and has only been offered a short-term contract (in the first instance).

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