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Here we go again



  • How will I recognise you?

  • I don't know, maybe from my picture?

  • @banterking said:
    Hope to see some of you lads at Crawley away, would be nice to have a chat

    it's a date I'm 5ft 2 slightly balding with a squint and an impressive moustache I think we're going to be best friends

  • @Jonny_King said:
    I don't know, maybe from my picture?

    The bants is strong in this one!

  • Does anyone know who the guy in the Wycombe tracksuit sitting between Paul Hayes and Pierre was sitting in the main stand on Saturday ?

  • Max muller, most recently at Salzburg. Hope you all like my profile picture and will now recognise me on Saturday!

  • Is this the guy that was injured against Le Havre? Interesting that he's sticking around - presumably with a view to taking another look at him once he's fit.

    Looking forward to making a new friend on Saturday!

  • @gerry47 it was in the b f p but that is immaterial now that this thread has moved away.

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