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West Ham could be playing at Tesco stadium / worst stadium names?

If you go to a West Ham game in the near future you could be visiting the "Tesco stadium", as it looks like the Olympic park ground might be getting a re-brand. stadium&src=tyah

What are the Worst stadium names you have come across in your footballing travels?


  • The Causeway Stadium.

  • Seconded.

  • At least the Causeway sounded like it could have been a real stadium name, named after some geographic feature of the Chilterns or something. The Tesco stadium is just diabolical.

  • Wham Stadium is pretty bad, but I'm pretty sure no one calls it that anyway.

  • The Kit Kat Stadium is both awful and brilliant at the same time. I'd love someone to play at The Wagon Wheel Stadium.

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    New West Ham kit?

  • Frighteningly close to Brightons kit from around the 80s which had blue and white striped shorts and was known by Seagulls fans as the "Tesco Kit"

  • Tesco Stadium could have worked well for the Essex apes.

  • All sponsored stadium names some awful to me, but the Field, home of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, is my personal favourite.

  • The Beechdean Bowl!

  • Frome play at the 'Blindmans Brewery Stadium' for some reason I like that one

  • For comically bad sponsored ground names, 'Keine Sorgen Arena' (lit. No Worries Arena), home of SV Ried of Austria is at least mildly amusing. Generally sponsored ground names are a depressing blight on the game.

  • First one I can remember going this way was Bradford. I think it was at the Desouza Garrick game where some tubby DJ strode around the pitch yelling a warm welcome to:

    'The Pulse FM Stadium at Valley Parade'

    I think that's called testing the water...

  • Presume for Garrick read "hat trick"?

    Remember how good Stuart Castledine was in that game?

  • Late entry here:

    As part of the deal, Victoria Park will be re-named as The Northern Gas and Power Stadium.

    — Hartlepool United FC (@Official_HUFC) August 3, 2016
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