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I will be 'boycotting' my first ever Wycombe game...

Won't be going to West Ham game....If there is a big crowd for this game and similar games will be a green light for the restructure of the football league and prem league to introduce their reserve teams into league. And we will be scrabbling around for the crumbs the premier league throw our way like starving rats...


  • Yes isn't their under 21 team...

  • I will also not attend any fixture in this competition, and will encourage others to follow my actions.

  • I won't be going to any of them. I don't want to hurt the club financially, but it will be justified if it helps save the lower leagues from becoming a playground for the Premiership elite. Personally, I wouldn't care if they just scrapped the whole competition.

  • Pretty sure I've "boycotted" every JPT game we've ever played.

  • The club could probably save a lot of staff costs by playing the matches behind closed doors!

  • I've never bothered with it...mainly because they are work nights. Not sure I've missed very much.

  • I must be one of the few that actually like the JPT. Mainly because it gives us a chance for a day out at Wembley.

  • I try my best to get to any and every game. I won't be setting foot near this competition though. The sooner it's identified as a failure the better.

  • Surely the play offs is the only reasonable route to Wembley for us. This competition has just got harder to win with extra games for a small squad. The rules over number of first team players playing didn't help us but I'm wondering if this is different now the youth teams are included. Wouldn't like to think it was one rule for them and another for us eh?

    I'd prefer us to enter the Berks & Bucks Cup but I'm guessing we've swerved that one again this year. Anyone seen confirmation of entry?

  • I don't see it as boycotting the club just this pointless competition I will put the money towards something from the club shop

  • Nice idea (if you were going but aren't now) would be to take your gate money to a local non-league game of your choice.

  • The FLT often feels like a punishment rather than a privilege. How is it Manchester United can opt not to enter the FA Cup (back in 2000) and other Premier League clubs can field their entire reserve team, but we would get a fine if we rested more than five players for a pointless tie against Yeovil?

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    @Jonny_King surely you can remember that the FA pressurised United into entering some abomination of a pointless cup, some World club tournament, that clashed with round3 (and 4 I think) of the cup, and refused to give any bye/allowance in the FA cup?

    I think the worst rule was when you had to play a certain amount of regulars in the B&B cup! Keith Ryan got a really bad injury in it. I think I can remember O Neill apoplectic with rage, that the cup was deemed so bootleg that suspensions in "proper" games couldn't be served in it, but you still had to play a certain amount of regulars

    And the problem with Premier league teams, is that they have been forced to limit their squad number, so it's then hard to try and stop them saying, hang on, we've allocated our 25man squad, who are you to say we then can't pick from them as we choose?

  • @Malone It would have clashed with the fourth round - the World Club Cup, or whatever it was called, was two weeks long. I can appreciate that United were pressured into it by the FA, but they had a squad of nearly 40 players, surely they had the capability to send out a 23-man squad to play in the tournament, (it was only four games long) then put out a 16-man squad to play a rearranged fixture when they returned?

    Perhaps not the best example, given that MUFC were pretty much forced into going, but still an occasion where our greatest competition was belittled to suit the whims of those in power and a big PL club was allowed to opt out of a scheduled cup competition due to playing too many games - but we're not even allowed to rest players for the paint pot!

  • yes, but premier league youngsters are likely to be slightly more useful to the national team than your general league 2.
    For one thing, anyone remotely decent at league 2 will have a great chance of appearances in normal games. Whereas that isn't the case at the top level.

  • What a load of old tosh Malone. You've bought the Premiership doctrine hook line and sinker.

    It is utterly ludicrous that a competition run by the Football League allows clubs from outside enter a competition with a completely set of rules to those within the league. Totally and utterly ridiculous.

    Top level youngsters need to play top level competitive football on a regular basis to get to a level where they can become international players. This competition won't come anywhere near close to achieving this.

  • True, but it's hindering the chances of the next Jordon Ibe or Kortney Hause of getting to play when some managers are reticent to risk young, inexperienced players in league games. Whilst it's true the majority of the most recent England U21 sides came through Premiership academies, there was a decent number of them who started off at FL clubs

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    I'd have probably scrapped the cup completely in fairness, but it couldn't stay as it was.

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    I agree it couldn't stay as it was, the attendances showed that. If they don't improve from this season's experiment then there is a huge case for scrapping it. I can't imagine there'd be a huge amount of protest at the suggestion.

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