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Aldershot Pontifications

My first glimpse of Wycombe for this season last night at Aldershot and much to ponder over.

The first 60minutes was not easy on the eye (unless you were an Aldershot fan). Lots of long balls, and a number players struggled to carry out the basics of controlling the ball and playing a simple pass to a team mate.

Come 60 minutes and a raft of changes and it was like watching a completely different game, and a pleasure to watch. The keeper was rolling the ball out from the back, lots of quick intricate passing through the midfield 5, and plenty of midfield runners supporting Dayle up front.

At the end the competitive spirit shone through, and even though it was a pre-season friendly, the players where hungry to win, rushing to get the ball back and take a quick throw.

I really felt it was a changing of the guard both in style of play and personal in midfield and attack. If the last 30 minutes are anything to go by I will look forward to watching Wycombe much more this coming season, as even if we don't get the results the entertainment will be much improved, with a very youthful line-up going forward.

Interestingly when the changes were made Harriman moved from midfield to right back, and was more effective with overlapping runs down the right, although to be fair even Sido will admit it wasn't one of his better games in a Wycombe shirt.

Lots to be hopeful about.


  • So as well as a five year plan we now have a Plan A AND a Plan B???? Sounds good.

  • I didn't make the game but was a bit worried about what I heard so it's good to know there was some encouraging signs out there. It looked like a strong line up to start so I wasn't expecting them to struggle. But then I always rated Rendell and McClure! Not sure of overall numbers but it does seem like we have more depth in the squad this season so I was hopeful we would do well until this result put a question mark in my mind.

  • First 60 mins plan a was 'do what we did end of last season with players who don't know how to do it yet'. Last 30 more like a football team trying to play a football match.

  • Seems like a bit of reality kicked in last night then!
    Hope Pierre isn't injured for long, or even worse on his way. Hoping the defender signing is unrelated to his absence

    Hope Wood wasn't as bad as some of the FB site have suggested. I get the feeling he has to play 9/10 to get recognised as having a good game these days. Bean and Bloomfield have had similar treatment.
    If Weston arriving doesn't get him motivated though, nothing will

  • To be fair, Woody was dire last night. He pretty much lost the ball every time he received it.

    As for Freeman, only seen him play a few times, and I think he may well be our best player, if he is allowed to be himself and isn't moulded too much into playing differently.

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