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Fourth sub for the FA Cup later rounds

Interesting idea but what an awful load of tosh from those at the FA trying to justify the idea.
"FA chief executive Martin Glenn said the move will add "intrigue and interest"


  • "And let's allow a fifth and sixth substitute except they have to have one leg tied together or wear a disguise or or " do you think the FA and FL are trying to justify their own existence

  • Fourth substitute in extra time sounds like a sensible move to me, although only a tiny fraction of games have extra time so it's of limited impact.

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  • Man U aren't in the FA Cup? How did I miss this or is this news from ten years ago?

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    wrong thread this isnt the EFL trophy whoops

  • I guess this means there will be an increase in 120th minute introductions of penalty specialists.

  • Completely pointless one. Just smacks of tampering for tamperings sake!

  • its for when the luxury of replays is taken away, in the early rounds we have replays.

  • Still have extra time in those replays though. Another decision made for the favoured few and not the full FA membership.

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