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Scott Brown


  • I think the thread lacks context.

  • From watching the QPR match he was the better choice. Seemed more stable, Nik Tzanev seemed a bit too excitable, maybe it's something he'll grow out of.

  • Brown has always seemed a pretty solid lower league goalkeeper to me from the various times I've seen him play for Cheltenham.

    Decent all round game and pretty good kicker. He should fit the bill really. Hopefully, we'll sign Tzanev too as back up and get him out on loan in the National League this season. That way we've got a bit of a succession plan and an option if Brown's injured.

    I wonder if anyone's mentioned to Brown that the nickname's already been taken?

  • Just watched his interview from when he moved to Aberdeen, Barry was his goalkeeping coach at Cheltenham for 2 seasons, so I guess he knew what he was getting. Scott also lists his best ever save as one against us in the JPT.

  • Excuse my higorance. What nickname?

  • I assume he meant 'Brownie'

  • Thanks @Davieboy. Odd post.

  • Seems a good solid signing so I wonder if that he's a nailed on starter or if we will bring in a loan keeper too

  • I think he'll be a nailed on starter RitM, he's an experience first team goalkeeper who's played 40 odd matches over the last two seasons for a side that recently finished second in the SPFL.

    We couldn't afford to carry two goalkeepers of that ilk so it'll be Brown and a youngster I'd guess.

  • I don't buy this theory that we can't afford two goalkeepers, especially with the new loan rules. Is there one other team in the league who only had one keeper?

  • Presumably we are in the market for another GK as there was a trialist in goal for the second half last night. Was he the New Zealand guy?

  • Thought I heard Phil Catchpole mention the name Banks but, unless it was a slip of the tongue, I understood naming trialists was taboo. Might be my impaired hearing because I was sure Phil was calling Damian Irvine David during his half-time interview.

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    Good keeper but surely getting a bit past it now. I'd go for relative youth of Tomaszewski or even Yashin (still commanding his box I'm told)

  • I think Phil was making up names due to a secrecy order. Banksie would be a good investment though

  • Rikki Banks, 28, dual registration with Whitehawk and Lewes. One never knows, do one?!

  • @DevC Your man Yashin may still be commanding his box but sadly, I fear he's doing it from inside it.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Signing Akinfenwa caused enough of a fuss - imagine the scenes if we signed Banksie as well! I had heard that Andy Howard was looking to tap into the hipster market so watch this space...

  • @micra it was indeed Phil's special callsign for the trialist GK - Gordon Banks. Although you are right, I also thought he was calling Damian Irvine David - at least at the start of the interview.

  • Vindicated yet again! Thanks @Fidget.

  • I'm glad the commentaries on pre season are over. Cloak and dagger behaviour with the names of trialists and huge amounts of substitutions, it certainly keeps you on your toes. Roll on Crawley.

    Apologies if I called Damian, David. It was very much an impromptu interview as he was sat with us in the press box. He is very good company who insists on calling Michael Harriman, 'Mick'.

  • Hate "Mick"meself.
    Damian is a very straight talking Aussie which is what made me think it was probably my hearing, Phil. I was pretty sure he'd have picked you up on his name but no doubt being Head of Commercial requires tact and diplomacy !
    Just co-incidence then that there should be a Sussex-based 'keeper called Banks. (Rikki Banks.)

  • I'll stick with the more exotic mafia based names in the future.

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