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Nick Freeman Signs

10:35 1 year deal for the 20 year old ex Histon who had been on trial for the last few weeks


  • Looks a good player, quite pacey.

  • Young non league talent who could really be a star for us. Really hope he does well.

  • Looked handy when he came on. Hopefully a bright future ahead

  • Shows what I know, thought he looked soft in first half against Brentford and played with his head down not looking for the pass; didn't know he was the lad being talked about so thought he would go off at half time never to be seen again! Oh well I'd better not give up the day job.

  • It was a strange time to slip out the announcement that he'd signed without much fanfare. I wonder if it was to head off another club making an approach for him. I haven't been to the friendlies, I hope I get to see Freeman play earlier this season than I did Sellers last season. I'm also surprised we're singing so many wingers while, if anything, narrowing the pitch still further (it seems unlikely so many perspicacious gasroomers are imagining things). Did we play a 442 or a 433 last night?

  • @perfidious_albion First half against Brentford he was stuck out on the right of a front three with Thompson in the middle, so didn't get much chance to impress.

    Second half, he was moved to a more central midfield role and looked much better. It was his cracking shot that hit the woodwork just before we scored.

    Like Weston, when he gets the ball, he immediately looks to launch a quick attack, which we were missing with some of last season's midfielders.

    He's quite nippy too.

  • Agreed second half looked composed just hope he is tough enough for the rough and tumble of a competitive league two match. Did the no11 winger get more game time vs QPR by the way?

  • If you have a Player account you can log into the QPR Player and watch the whole match.

  • @perfidious_albion No sign of the number-11 winger or the blond centre-half last night.

  • I've mentioned it before but, now he's officially a Wycombe player, it's worth repeating, Nick Freeman made his debut for Histon aged 16 and in the meantime he's been a regular goal scorer for them from midfield. I think Histon's incredible FA Cup run when they knocked out Swindon and Leeds (sorry Mr Howard) before succumbing to Swansea probably pre-dates Nick's debut.
    With full-time training and physical development he will no doubt become a force to be reckoned with.

  • I hope we start to develop a reputation as a good first step into league football.

  • @drcongo said:
    I hope we start to develop a reputation as a good first step into league football.

    Indeed. To add to our reputation already as a club which looks after young players and fosters their development whilst at the same time not standing in their way when opportunities arise for them to move on to "better things".

  • I left at half time Tuesday.....what did the number 11 play like I thought the centre half looked good (number 5).

  • Quick and tricky

  • @braywanderer said:
    Quick and tricky

    That'd be the No 11 I guess. Had his moments but I was at pitch level on the Beechdean side and he played wide left so couldn't see that well.

  • I'm glad to see non league players being given the chance with wycombe I wish them well not only with the club but maybe future clubs.

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