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Ticket prices for QPR?

edited July 2016 in Football

Anyone got a clue as to why it's a fiver more for tonights' game v QPR than it was v Brentford? Both Championship sides, no more than 5 miles apart! Seems a bit steep now for a gash friendly?


  • QPR are a much bigger club than Brentford.

    That must be it!

  • The extra fiver for a chance to see Matt in goal against us ana a chance to say a proper goodbye?

  • Spoke with Richard from the ticket office last night. He confirmed that it was QPR that dictated the entry fee. Wycombe wanted to charge the same as Brentford but the hoops insisted that they were a bigger club! Ah well.

  • Presumably we split the cash with them

  • @EwanHoosaami the complete opposite of what I heard. It would seem strange that qpr are dictating the fee giving it was part of the Ingram deal.

  • My info came from Richard outside the ticket office. Just presumed that as fact, but what do I know?

  • I paid £10 for each game. Richard took my money. Ah, hold on, was there a concession last night? Did Adults (as opposed to Seniors) pay £15?
    One or two people felt that the club should not have charged £5 for parking (upper tier); they may not have realised that 50% went to the Rennie Grove Charity.

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