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Allerdyce next England manager

A) hope for a glorious future
B) despair , he's a dinosaur
c) frankly don't really give a damn


  • C with a slight mention of the spelling too

  • Would be delighted to see the back of him from the Premier league at least!

    For England, an even less inspired choice than Hodgy, which was just nothingness.

  • It's no shock. What English manager would consider it unless it was a last shot job, a pension for mediocrity if you like.
    I like Big Sam. He is engaging and good value. But as a coach who can control the 22 biggest egos in English football? Not sure. He's never had to deal with so many self proclaimed top players before.

  • Once you've got over the shock of Steve Bruce making the shortlist, Big Sam looks like a decent appointment.

  • He will certainly get more from the players than that gnome Hodgson.

  • I thought we looked OK in the Euros until collapsing against Iceland - not a great cutting edge but otherwise not bad. For me Allardyce is a depressing choice, I would have gone for Klinsmann or Wenger or maybe if it has to be an Englishman, Hoddle again.

  • Would have preferred a much younger option like Eddie Howe. Looks like England will now be playing hoof it like us!

  • I'm not sure there's more of a poisoned chalice in football than the Ingerlund job.

    If nothing else, Big Sam can no longer complain he never gets the high profile jobs, it's up to him what he does with it.

    I would love, love, love it though if he got the national team playing hoofball...successfully.

  • The idea that to get the England job now, you only have to not get relegated is really depressing.
    Let's give him a whirl though. Maybe fear and some ferocious shouting is what Hodgson lacked.

  • Martin O'Neill

  • Martin is not English, lets be honest Big Sam is as good a Manager as MON and Chris Coleman and look what he done with Wales with 1 world class player and 1 very good one.

  • The role of England coach is not rocket science for a manager that has a style of play and a formation (or 2) that delivers that style of play effectively. People have referenced MoN above and that is all he done all his career.
    However, Big Sam has the challenge with the public and the egotists that largely wear the 3 Lions that some of those players might not fit that style and some might not be first choice for their favourite position.
    Mr Rooney for example seems to want to play the role behind the front man/men. He did ok in the Euros with this role. But Big sam has not really done fluid formations in the past so Rooney might have to accept a more rigid role. Just one example of the challenges he will face.
    If he is the man I hope he is then some sacred cows are going to be p1ssed off royally.

  • It is indeed a poisioned chalice and I suspect Big Sam will do no better or no worse than anyone else has in recent times...he's going to get stick whatever he does so good luck to him.

  • Stick of chewing gum?

  • @micra Little Stick of Blackpool Rock - more your era?

  • Ooooh, you are awful........! @Cyclops !

  • Looking at the papers and seeing an interview or two on thing that I really hope is that Big Sam is not brought into line by the blazers at the FA. If he is given an absolute free-reign to say what he likes and upset some of the establishment we might be ok.

  • We might?!

  • C - I almost think the FA have thrown in the towel at this stage and there didn't appear to be an awful lot to choose from - Gareth Southgate / Steve Bruce etc. The reality is - for those at the top - the premier league and the champions league are the kings - and for a lot of the English players they don't really care unless they are being paid 250 grand a week.

  • I'm a C (as has been confirmed by one of the "yoofs" on Facebook - not exactly a yoof but one from a much younger generation) !
    And no, I really don't give a damn.

  • I think I just read someone say Big Sam is as good a manager as O Neill.


  • ps C) and I look forward to the day they finally bin international football off. With champions league having well exceeded it as the top level, it seems completely pointless now.

  • Probably not to an Icelander though. Maybe it's just us who shouldn't bother

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