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New crackdown on player discipline

Could hit us hard given the team's predisposition to crowd round the ref and backchat at any given opportunity.

I'm all for the crackdown though.


  • It's long overdue; I just hope it's done consistently across all levels though.

  • I'm sure they'll stop once refs start penalising it.

  • Would be good if it actually works and is enforced. My guess it will see a couple of early red cards and then refs will see it as too much hassle and revert to type. Assessors in the stands won't be able to mark ref's on it so it will drift out.

    I really hope it works though.

  • I don't recall us being particularly vocal or aggressive towards refs @PBo . JJ seems to spend most of his time chatting amiably to the officials

  • Good. Not sure why but the recent Euros were remarkably light on referee intimidation and abuse (and rolling around on the floor with fake injuries for that matter), and much better for it in my opinion.

    Abuse of referees is a problem at all levels influenced by what is seen on the TV. It should stop.

  • I, like the majority, welcome this. It's a long time coming.

    However, I do have one query in regards to this and that's whether the captains of each side are allowed to speak, respectfully, with the Ref about decisions.

    By all means send a captain off if he doesn't approach the referee in the correct way but I think there should be some capacity for an on pitch representative to clarify or query a decision - and then communicate that to his players.

    I'd also like to see a more Rugby approach with referees keeping an open dialogue with Captains. Getting them to sort their players out before he has to step in take action.

  • Football should adopt all of rugby's rules when it comes to dealing with the ref.

    In recent seasons, I've seen players, especially in the Premier League, run up to referees and almost push them when they are incensed with a decision, and no action is taken. Ridiculous state of affairs.

  • I still think a citation system is the way forward. The heat of the matter is gone and a neutral official can assess video and referee evidence before handing out a ban.

  • When I reffereed, although only ever at a low level, I never had a problem with players talking to me and even questioning decisions. And in questioning they might even have used the odd expletive.

    What I did not stand for was aggressive stances and posturing. There is a tremendous amount that is conveyed in body language and tone of voice, possibly more than in the words used.

    "Are you [email protected] blind!!!" Shouted at a ref from a few feet away is very different from "[email protected] hell ref, didn't you see that handball?" said loudly but not aggressively.

    I hope we shall see discussions from all players to all officials continue, or even encouraged so there is more 2 way dialogue on the pitch, whilst the threatening, aggressive behaviour is rightly punished with dismissals and cautions.

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