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Is the pitch smaller than last year ?


  • I think last year we made it as small as regulations allowed didn't we?

  • Thought it looked fantastic, regardless of the size.

  • Consensus around me (standing pitch-side) was that it was several feet narrower than last season which seems slightly odd with the arrival of Myles Weston and return of PCH but we were clearly playing 4-3-3 last night so maybe that's the plan.
    Pitch absolutely immaculate.

  • It was mentioned on the commentary last night that the dimensions are exactly the same as last year. I think they'd spoken to Gareth Ainsworth about it - I'm sure @bluntphil will be able to confirm?

  • Slightly odd that the subject was raised if there wasn't a suspicion that it had been narrowed. I normally watch from the high eyrie of the Frank Adams stand so not familiar with distances from the fence (which, incidentally, could inflict serious harm on a flying winger if the pitch was much wider).

  • Thought it looked even narrower than last season.

  • Must admit, so did I.

  • Certainly looked narrow on the goal footage the club put on Facebook. Maybe they've worked out they can save money by having less pitch.

  • We mentioned the pitch as it was looking glorious and I commented that it was still narrow. The pitch was made smaller at the start of the 14/15 season when Gaz changed a lot of stuff around in an attempt to banish the memory of the season before and also to arrest the poor home form in the three seasons before that. I think at the time, the dimensions were the smallest a Football League pitch can be so I'd be surprised if it's shrunk anymore. For confirmation, I will ask Gaz when we have our next chat

  • Last thing we want is a fine for having too narrow a pitch !

  • Pitch, according to "EFL" rules must be 70-80 yards wide and 110-120 yards long.

    So side line to edge of penalty area is 13-18 yards. Just looking at the video of Southwell's goal there seems to be 2 yards from the 10 yard mark from the corner quadrant to the edge of the penalty area. Add the 1 yard for the quadrant itself and the minimum width is what we have.

  • It seems a bit daft to me to sign AKinfenwa then narrow the pitch!.A stupid question but why keep changing the size of the pitch, why not put a slope in it?.

  • Seems sensible to me as Akinfenwa isn't exactly mobile, so the less yards he has to cover the better.

  • I was thinking elbow room.

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