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Very enjoyable evening

Met Bayo...came across as a lovely bloke. Pretty entertaining game Southwell scored and some promising trialists that I guess we'll see again on Friday. And to top it all no more Greene King!!!


  • Yes, enjoyable evening. I think most of the guys on trial look decent.

    Only negative, I tried to buy a season ticket and was told I couldn't do it at the club but would need to ring tomorrow. Surely the club would want to take my money?

    On that note, I think we could be doing a lot more to promote season tickets and try get more people through the door.

  • I got a phone call offering me a season ticket, that's never happened before.

  • Has Danny Rowe grown over the summer? I don't remember him looking that big.

  • This time last year I thought Danny Rowe signing was as exciting and surprising as Aaron Pierre's a season earlier. I was rather surprised last season that he didn't have a major impact. Think I recall that he was "ill" at the start of the season - wonder if that was a little more serious than a bad cold and held him back. If Rowe fulfils the potential that he first showed on his arrival in 2014, we may have quite a player on our hands - perhaps surprising to note that he is still only 20.

  • Been regularly going out to dinner with Akinfenwa!

  • Good workout last night against a technically astute Brentford outfit. Some of our passing and spreading of the ball was great to see. Overall I think the squad is shaping up very nicely and with a few more additions there's every reason to be hopeful of a successful campaign.

  • Tell me more about the joyous lack of Greene King? What have they replaced it with? Rebellion?

  • @Jonny_King said:
    Tell me more about the joyous lack of Greene King? What have they replaced it with? Rebellion?


  • Rev. James on offer last night - that makes it Brains, boyo.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Been regularly going out to dinner with Akinfenwa!

    Enlighten a dunderhead, please - assuming that I'm missing a witticism!

  • According to bar manager we have some kind of tie with Heineken. Doesn't sound inspiring but it means we now have a wide choice of independent brewery's beer. Did ask about rebellion and other local brews sounded a ltitle lessential promising. Think it makes sense to use good local suppliers where we can even at a small premium. Not only because of the quality but in the end it may benefit the club creating local goodwill employment etc etc. Also understand there may be a proper beer festival in October...

  • Does this mean an end to the clubs historic links with Tuborg?

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