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Secret trialists?

Why? What's the benefit of keeping the names so hush hush?



  • I guess that if we have Paul Pogba on trial we want to keep it on the QT from others in case they offer him more than we can.
    The club are deluded in thinking that the player's agent will not be flogging him to every club that might listen.
    So I don't see the point personally. If he is training with us and Accrington offer him a fiver more then he will go.

  • Apparently to keep other clubs from swooping in and grabbing them before we get their names on the dotted line.

  • Someone with a sense of humour should pixilate their faces from the match photos. Or put a black rectangle across their eyes. Come on media team

  • Commentary had plenty of good things to say about the chap playing number 9 this evening. Any ideas who it was?

  • Most watching were probably club scouts after tip off's from agent.

  • Looking at the pictures on Twitter the number nine seems to be the lad Nick Freeman who was spotted in the pictures from the France trip.

  • Apparently was this Nick Freeman lad from Histon. Looked a decent player, certainly not out his depth. I would say him, the number 5 and the keeper from 2nd half would be worth signing on that performance.

  • The keeper in the 2nd half was ex Brentford Nik Tzanev. New Zealand Under 21.

  • Not Max Crocombe from Oxford as I heard someone say?

  • No 5 from first half. 9 and 11 from second half are worth keeping

  • Not according to Brentford fan we were with. Could be wrong though.

  • Saw the number 9 getting a hug from i guess his dad at end of game. Called him Nick. Thought he did well as did the 5, 11 and was it the 6 centre back in 2nd half.

  • Nick Freeman, goalscoring midfielder from Histon.

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    Big Blonde Central defender, first half, couple of nice touches, seemed to be involved in an argument with Pierre just before goal then didnt deal with ball that caised it.
    No 9, quicker Steven craig with eye for goal maybe? Looked decent
    1st half goalie, not young looking or particularly tall, varying kicks and a decent save
    Goalie down the other end, no idea.

    1.First name Will. Very dominant in the air.
    2.Nick Freeman. Goalscoring midfielder. Aged 20 or 21. Ex Histon. Hit post with rasping drive before Dayle Southwell buried rebound.
    3. Scott Brown. 10 years with Cheltenham before they were relegated. 31 years old. Aberdeen last season. Just 6'.
    4. Brentford third string. Forgotten name. By "no idea" @StrongestTeam do you mean he had no idea or that you had no idea who he was?

  • Nik Tzanev

  • That's the guy. Thanks @fromtheside .

  • I thought he looked the better of the 2 keepers but hard to judge

  • I agree. He is a New Zealand U20 international - not 20 until 23 December - and has a big height advantage over the very experienced Scott Brown (first half) at nearly 6'5". Full name Nikola Chivorav Tzanev (born in Wellington but of Bulgarian descent.

  • edited July 2016

    @StrongestTeam We were definitely better in the second half but Brentford had more chances to score after the break and missed three golden opportunities.

    Major positives for me were Weston, Rowe, O'Nien and the big blond trialist centre half who looked commanding in the air, made a great sliding tackle and several impressive crossfield passes.

    Rowe seems to have beefed up a bit and looks like he's added power to his skill-set.

    I'll keep any negatives to myself as it's only pre-season. BUT if I disliked the new home-shirt from the pictures, seeing several fans wearing it has only made things worse... Possibly my least favourite EVER.

    I should add, the white kit is really stylish.

  • Someone saying on twitter that the number 5 last night was Harvey Rodgers (ex Hull City).

  • Can't see anything anywhere saying Rodgers has actually left Hull, so may be he's being offered around for a loan move to go and learn his trade.

    Looks like he was linked with a loan to Luton back in the January window but it never came to pass.

  • I think judging by his performance he is not being released, I would say his passing etc was even better than Mawson's and certainly better than McCarthys, also I would be shocked if we don't sign Nick Freeman, looked a class act and is worth a 2 year deal and I would be surprised if we don't get it done pdq.

  • Must be bullshit o'clock. Welcome back Richie!

  • lets see if Im not right, if we don't then hope they sign for somebody else and prove us wrong.

  • still waiting for that play off final loanee...

  • oh get a life, some supporters of wwfc don't deserve a club your one of those.

  • @rmjlondon And you do? DOFL! Still waiting BTW.

  • I should hold my hands up and admit I just assumed he was no longer a Hull player if he was on trial with us. My mistake.

    He could still be there I suppose and is maybe being assessed by GA with a view to a loan move, which would be a sensible way to go about things given the new rules.

  • From the highlights, I like the look of Nick Freeman. The winger who replaced Weston looked useful too.

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