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Bucks Free Press Strikes Again

A tiny item at this time of global turmoil.
If we are to believe Page 90 of Friday's Bucks Free Press, next Friday will be the first opportunity for fans to see next season's home kit in action (it won't - we play Brentford on Tuesday evening); Adebayor Akinfenwa is a defender (sub-heading left-hand column); and Chesham will be looking to kick-start a similar run in the FA Cup if they beat Leatherhead in the FA Trophy on 29 October! And I'm not 100% convinced that Myles Weston is the player pictured.


  • We are playing in the white on Tuesday I think.

  • Ahah! Didn't know that. I look forward to the match even more.

  • The defender part for Akinfenwa was super embarrassing.

    It's only the most well known player in the lower divisions.

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